Claire Hardwick

Claire Hardwick is a Republican strategist, and has worked on Capitol Hill and in journalism for over ten years. She covers breaking news, with a focus on clear, coherent stories to ensure readers are informed, and able to make their own political opinions. Most recently, Ms. Hardwick served as Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s communications director in Washington, D.C. In this role, she took a forward-leaning approach, and utilized digital technology to expand Congressman Blackburn’s message to her constituents. She also maintained positive relationships with all media outlets; and pitched, booked, and advised the congressman on how to best utilize the interview. Before this experience, Ms. Hardwick was an on-air political correspondent for One America News Network. She opened their New York studio, and established the network’s presence in a competitive market. Primarily, she focused on covering the United Nations, and was able to convey to her audience the impact of international relations on domestic policy. Ms. Hardwick began her career on Capitol Hill, where she worked on public relations for Congressman Steve Pearce, The Congressional Western Caucus, and the Senate Republican Conference. With this experience, she easily transitioned into media, and started the political website, Elephant News. Ms. Hardwick graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in history.