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ChiCom Mouthpiece Pushes Beijing To Fight Protracted Trade War

ChiCom Mouthpiece Pushes Beijing To Fight Protracted Trade War
Image by Frank Schulenburg

Chinese communist voices in Beijing are pushing Chinese President-for-life Xi Jinping to stay firm in the trade fight with the Trump administration and not make any concessions in order to get a ‘free trade’ deal.

“If China appears weak and gives concessions under hegemony, it will have committed a subversive historical error,” said a commentary in the communist mouthpiece People’s Daily, attributed to Renmin University international relations professor Jin Canrong and Sun Xihui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, reported the South China Morning Post.

“Facing extreme pressure and bullying behaviour, being weak and taking a step back will not get sympathy. We can only protect the core interest of the nation and the people by upholding rational and favourable struggle at the right pace.”

The commentary pushed China to fight on until ‘victory was achieved’, not free trade ensured for both sides, which has been the American position.

China has been offered fair terms where the security of American intellectual property and technology would be ensured, along with fair entry into Chinese markets, which has not been the case in the past. Beijing has refused this deal.

It seems China’s policy now is to wait out the Trump administration in hopes of a weaker, more pliable Democratic presidency where they can have their way.

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