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Flynn Free! FBI/DOJ Russian Hoax Exposed And Shamed

Flynn Free! FBI/DOJ Russian Hoax Exposed And Shamed

The U.S Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia decided to save America from months of grueling faux scandal and, as luck would have it, free an innocent man from the vicious jaws of biased “justice” and the filthy hands of the dirty cops who threw the American hero into the soulless machine. Yes, in a 2-1 ruling the court ordered the dismissal of the case against Michael Flynn and stopped the insane shenanigans that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan was foisting upon the letter and spirit of the law. The fact that there was a single dissenting vote from Clinton appointed Judge Robert Wilkins tells every American all they need to know about how sick and twisted the legal system has become in the District of Colombia.

Flynn was the prized White House official that Mueller’s political operatives charged in their “investigation“ that sought ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. These “ties” or what was commonly called “collusion” by the #FakeNews media never were found and the Mueller Report confirmed as much when it was finally released. James Comey’s FBI used CIA agents working on the Crossfire Hurricane team and compromised lawyers at the DOJ to entrap Flynn and then use him as a witness against Trump in an elaborate conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President.

In a stunning display of counter espionage Flynn allowed himself to be interviewed by the FBI days after the president’s January 2017 inauguration regarding conversations he had had during the presidential transition period with the Russian ambassador, in which the two men discussed sanctions that had been imposed on Russia by the Obama administration for interfering in the election. In this conversation the new national security adviser set a trap for the FBI and CIA which caught them all Red handed in an act of sedition and treason which is still being exposed, ever so methodically, to this very day.

Attorney General William Barr is winning and his courage and fortitude will be remembered for many generations if he is allowed to continue his relentless exposure of the crimes committed by high ranging government, law enforcement and justice officials in the past administration. DemocRATS and #NeverTrump swamp RATS are questioning the political nature of Barr’s actions because he’s about to expose one of the biggest political scandals in American history. It is now axiomatic that anyone who is complaining about Barr and his methods is either guilty or protecting someone they know who is guilty of crimes against America and her constitutional order. The DC swamp is drying up.

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