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Schumer Attacks Trump For Contracting Coronavirus

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As the nation comes together to offer words of support for the president and first lady, who tested positive for the coronavirus Thursday night, Democrats are offering some harsh words for the president. 

While Trump has said he has been careful, and only wears a mask if the people he is with have not tested negative for the virus, his diagnosis came as a shock. The news first broke when his longtime aide was reported to have tested positive. 

And now, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer first offered his well wishes for President Trump and Melania. In a statement, he said, “I wish President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and any White House staff members who are infected a speedy recovery. I join the nation in praying for the First Family’s health and safety.”

But then, he quickly used his positive test as a way to promote the Democrats’ message. He continued, “What happened to President Trump is a reminder of why the whole country, including Senators and staff, must follow the science and follow the protocols laid out by the CDC and public health officials. When you ignore the science, you don’t wear a mask, and you don’t follow social distancing guidelines, it puts you and everyone around you at risk.”

Schumer said that the White House must take swift actions to stop the spread. He said, they should “immediately conduct a contact tracing regime that follows CDC guidelines, as well as thorough testing and isolation for those who were exposed to infection risk. This must include strict adherence to those guidelines for all of the White House staff members that the President, First Lady, and the aide came into contact with; and all of the people those individuals came into contact with whom experts deem at risk of exposure, and so forth.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also using the situation to what she hopes will be the Democrats’ advantage, especially when it comes to passing a second aid bill. Pelosi said to MSNBC,  “I hope this will be a moment where people will understand that what we have in our HEROES bill and what we have over and over is we must have testing, tracing, treatment. We must have spatial distancing. We must be wearing our masks.”

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AOC Wants Your Job Chucky October 3, 2020 at 8:36 pm

Chuckie should worry more about his ‘whirlwind’ of constituents contracting AIDS.

Max Dugan October 27, 2021 at 7:41 pm

chucky the fkn slime bag weasel …


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