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War Room Pandemic Morning Show Recap 3/12

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“We watched my grandmother die through the window of her nursing home,” said Dixon. “She paid nursing homes to take patients back that tested positive for covid. Our guests are: Maggie VandenBerghe, Jenny Beth Martin, Boris Epshteyn, Tom Del Beccaro, Tudor Dixon.

“It’s not good,” Yon said. “It’s very serious. This is no joke. This is a destabilizing migration for the United States.” Our guests are: Maggie VandenBerghe, Jenny Beth Martin, Michael Yon, Ben Bergquam, Drew Hernandez, Jane Timken.

War Room on Joe Biden’s black eyes and skin.

Real America’s Voice host Tudor Dixon reports on the growing Gretchen Whitmer nursing home scandal. Rather than just sending positive covid patients into nursing homes, Whitmer paid them to do it.

Tom Del Beccaro, chairman of Rescue California, reports the recall Gavin Newsom effort has surpassed its goal of over 2 million signatures.

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