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War Room Pandemic Wednesday Show Recap 3/31

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“He’s got the Lindsey Graham disease,” he said. “He’s got to step in front of the camera and goes ‘humanitarian crisis.’ They’re burying the lede. The lede is you’ve got to secure the border.” Our guests are: Dr. Peter Navarro, Boris Epshteyn.

“I’ve got people hired right now investigating your Twitters, Jack Dorseys, Wikipedia,” he said. “We’re investigating all these things. Our guest is: Mike Lindell.

Texts and Emails Appear to Back up Rep. Gaetz’s Story.

Peter Navarro: Biden’s CDC Director Should Be Fired.

Boris Epshteyn goes through the Democrats’ $10 Trillion Mao Zedong plan, and Biden’s tax hikes that will destroy the country.

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Myron E Jones April 1, 2021 at 10:06 am

i LOVE Steve but he interrupts! EXCOMMUNICATE biden!


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