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American Cultural Marxists Tear Down Christopher Columbus But Want An Obama American Colony In Syria

American Cultural Marxists Tear Down Christopher Columbus But Want An Obama American Colony In Syria
Image by Ranan Lurie

Donald Trump inherited Syria from the ridiculous, inept foreign policy of Barack Obama (and George W. Bush for that matter). The Donald never believed in the Syrian mission, for a good reason, as there was none.

It wasn’t a hasty withdrawal as the Commie News Network is now pushing; Trump had been pushing the Obama military class to end the Syrian mission for three years and finally had enough when Turkey promised to invade, no matter the 150 American Special Forces in the way (and shelled them just to make the point clear).

I find it ironic that as we celebrate Christopher Columbus Day in America, and the predictable ‘progressive’ response to tear down the statues of the Italian explorer who discovered America for the Europeans (from the ‘indigenous Americans’ who killed and cut out the hearts all the previous ‘indigenous Americans’), the Establishment political class in Washington, and in the corrupt media, are eviscerating Trump for ending the Obama American colony in Syria.

How stunning and brave!

The Obama Left gave up any credulity on the use of military force when they precipitously, and irresponsibly, withdrew American forces from Iraq. As Colon Powell had famously said, “You break it, you own it.” Well, we owned it and removing a military force sizable enough to actually project power in the Eurphates Valley was all Obama’s doing (Valerie Jarret too who was chomping at the bit to enable Iran in the region…her birthplace).

In other words, Iraq was our quagmire and we had a responsibility to see it through to a correct end, not create the Islamic State by pulling out, no matter the stupidity of going in the first place.

As a friend recently said, if I hear one more Neocon whine over our ‘dearest Kurds’, I’m going to vomit.

The Kurds realigned with Assad in a period of 24 hours. And so what if Russia moves in also to protect them…let them have that corner of the Syrian desert for God’s sake.

The mission in Syria was nonsense but the body bags coming home with someone’s son or daughter were very real.

However, we do have a very serious mission in rebuilding our military to deter China from world domination.

As an Air Force Academy grad and former military officer, I’m all for putting American blood and treasure on the line when our national security interests are directly involved…Syria was not this.

Bring them home.

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2fred October 16, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Thank you Todd for that accurate juxtaposition – nice!

I find it fascinating that new-found Kurd supporters have no concept of our historic disloyalty to Libya where we destroyed Qaddafi and his family for their renunciation of Islamic terrorism and cooperation with the West. In < 8 weeks of warning with no real intent to negotiate, while hiding behind the UN.

Are they willfully clueless as to the negative impact that has had on NK negotiations, or merely that shallow?

Samantha Powers needs to re-issue her new book with the more accurate title 'Apologia – huh? How I Exceeded my Mentor R. McNamara and Still Learned Nothing'.


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