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MARK LEVIN:They want Trump to get indicted, but just in case he doesn’t, they’re looking at the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. America, this is very important. This is very important. Section three: ‘No person shall be a senator or representative in Congress or elector of president and vice president or hold any office, civil or military under the United States or under any state who, having previously taken an oath as a member of Congress or as an officer of the United States or as a member of any state legislature or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same.’ Why do you think they keep using the word insurrection?” 

The 14th Amendment is one of two indictments the fake Stalinist Kangaroo Court trial plans to unveil. 

I explain the other:


A plausible charge in an impeachment, but not criminal after an office holder left his post. Pausing an act is not dereliction.

However, I’ll clarify what Dereliction of Duty really looks like.

Afghanistan January 27, 2022:

Without even attempting to secure them, the Biden Administration has left behind the equivalent cost of eight of our best aircraft carriers and 1000 F-35 jet fighters (according to military historian Victor Davis Hansen), while lying to America about having disabled them. They stranded Americans who became hostages to a Jihadi army. The troops were haphazardly ordered out to airfields located far from the equipment depots.


Hanson: “…the amount of military hardware captured by the Taliban added up to 85% of military aid provided to Israel over 7o years. The dollar value was equivalent to 7 of the new $12 billion Gerald Ford aircraft carrier or 1,000 of the F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft. The Taliban now owns more Abrams tanks than the U.S. has “ever deployed” and war fighting equipment few nations possess…”


22,174 Humvees

634 M-1117 armored anti mine troop transports

155 Mxx-Pro mine-proof vehicles

169 M113 armored personnel carriers

42,000 pickup trucks and SUVs

8000 trucks

64, 363 machine guns

358,530 automatic assault rifles

126,295 pistols (with which Joe Biden armed the Taliban and of which he’s trying to disarm Americans)

176 artillery and howitzers

162,043 radios

16, 036 latest, brand new sealed-in-the-box night vision goggles (giving the Taliban for the first time night-fighting capabilities – each cost in excess of $18,000)

Biden left terrorists an Air Force larger than what most nations possess:

33 M-17 helicopters

33 UH-60 Cobra attack helicopters equipped with night vision

43 MD-530 helicopters

4 C-130 transports

23 Embraer Super Tucano light aircraft

28 Cessna 208 light aircraft

10 Cessna 208 strike aircraft

More than 70% of these weapons, including warehouses of spare parts to keep them operating, were either boxed new and/or fully operational post-evacuated Afghanistan.

Twelve century-mentality women-children-and-animal-abusing barbarians for whom death is sweeter than life, were gifted with a super-power class military machine, courtesy of Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. The volume and capability can only be matched by China and Russia. Weapons these enemies can use against us and had sold to our other enemy: Iran.

Earlier Donald Trump called in the General Staff and dressed them down. “YOU’RE A BUNCH OF LOSERS,” he allegedly told the red-faced chiefs (who were red faced because they knew Trump’s charge was true and well-deserved). Recently the self-same published a Trump-trashing editorial for the New York Times. Let’s remember: the same crew under the same command, taking Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s directives, exited Iraq, so that ISIS grew 4400 percent and murdered countless thousands of innocents. 

The two blowhards, Obama and Biden, chronically leading from behind, lost two nations, Iraq and Syria. In the process of their drawing RED LINES, waves of dead babies washed up on Europe’s beaches, a half million civilians were killed, and millions were displaced. These two and their allies manufactured an epic migrant and terrorism crisis from which Europe is suffering to this day.


Placed in their positions by an America-hating president who weaponized the military, law enforcement, and intelligence community, as well as the diplomatic machinery, to prevent Donald Trump’s America First mandate, these soldiers of leftist-WOKEism managed to sabotage American interests at every federal department and on territory they touched. Taking orders from the top, they enthusiastically diminished America’s position, hegemony, respect and influence in the world.


On January 6th the FAKE INSURRECTION led by a half-naked screwball wearing a horned helmet, furry Viking suit, carrying a rubber spear, surrounded by about 400 unarmed housewives and men with American flags wrapped around them – so goes the January 6th Committee narrative – were going to take down the U.S. government. 

That, against a one million-man armed force with rolling armor and artillery, a fleet of Cobra attack helicopters, modernized A-10 Warthogs, F22 and F35 jetfighters, aircraft carriers, automatic weapons, tactical missiles, and nuclear bombs. 

Our critics actually believe that story because unlike we, they’re more intelligent.

Damages to the Capitol were estimated at $200,000.

Damages from the 2019-20 BLM and anti-Fa rioters who campaigned for Joe Biden and Democrats to destroy capitalism while looting and burning down America’s cities in 575 riots not being investigated, were $2,000,000,000 – two billion dollars: 2,000 x $1 million.

The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Administration’s and the Democrat’s Dereliction of Duty in Afghanistan cost $85,000,000,000 – eighty-five billion dollars. 85 x 1000 x $1 million and counting.

Readers now have a better understanding about the legal and actual meaning of Dereliction of Duty, how math works, and the 14th Amendment.

Lastly the nation might consider…



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