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Debbie Aldrich Discusses Google Kowtowing To Communist China With Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald Ph.D

Professor at New York University 2008-2019 as well as other notable institutions, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke Univesity, North Carolina Central University, Case Western Reserve University. His focus was primarily on 19th-British secularism, contemporary secularism, and the 19th-century ‘FreeThought’.

Many of his publications have appeared in notable publications, The British Journal for History and Science, Endeavor, and the Cambridge University Press.

Author of nine books, including ‘Google Archipelago’ ‘Springtime for Snowflakes’, and his latest book ‘Beyond Woke’. which can be found on

Once a liberal, Dr. Rectenwald became best known as an anti ‘Social Justice Movement’. read his books and watch the interview to understand why.

Dr. Rectenwald can be found on twitter @TheAntiPCProf and at

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