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ARG August 8, 2021 at 11:47 pm

Like their travesty injections is their travesty corona-19. Think at Goya, who has described the occasion for negative human content in the masked carnival. Onlo the conceptual frameworks inside the minds distinguish a possible unmorality author from a morality author. When the apriori of their conceptual frameworks is poor, meaning unconstrainted by a culturated process, they are unable of moral judgements but just of pragmatic ones, which are of poor moral taste because the ethycs is incompatible with the pragmatism.

As in a masked carnaval, the of poor taste pragmatists are trying with several pieces of a monkey kidnney virus placed to carry the spike protein unvelope, such that with no virus in the human cells but just that protein, and so with no virus transmission, with just a carrier for a more toxic protein so that to patent such a modeled construction , thus they are just trying to pretend a lethal contagion by mimicking by attitudes and decisions its existence never showed in a human cell.
As Goya, we see their negative human contents occasionated in a masked travesty.

They do not want to let pass the masked travesty season, because they are blocked in their conceptual framework.
Instead, we will let behind us their aculturated conceptual framework.


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