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Globalist Media Pushes Soft Brexit As UK Prepares To Do Right Thing For Britain And Leave With No Deal

Globalist Media Pushes End To Brexit As UK Prepares To Do Right Thing For Britain And Leave With No Deal
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We at CD Media have written extensively about Brexit and how the best course for the United Kingdom would be to leave the European Union with no deal and retain its sovereignty. The globalist media is now in full coordination mode to scare the British people to stay in the EU, or a least to leave with a weak deal that favors Brussels.

Reports are from London that a majority of conservatives in the British parliament have decided to prevent another election and move towards a ‘no-deal’ withdrawal from the bloc. Leftist opposition leaders are plotting to push May towards a softer deal in which they would join to steer through parliament. Conservative members of May’s parliament have declared they would resign if she moves in this direction.

The globalist strategy seems to be to scare the British people into staying and force another election to achieve this goal. The corrupt media is fully on board with this effort in Europe and the Untied States.

A ‘no-deal’ Brexit would save the British 39 billion euro in payments to the EU. The Trump administration has declared it would immediately sign a massive trade deal with the United Kingdom.

The truth is a free and unchained British economy would roar to success. This is the outcome Brussels is deathly afraid of, as Italy, Hungary and others watch to see the Brexit outcome. Brussels wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on Britain to scare others into staying in the culturally Marxist union. This strategy may yet backfire if Britain can find the strength to move on, similar to a battered wife.

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