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Iowa Shows That If Dems Let Bernie Win, They Go Directly To Jail…They Can’t Let That Happen

Iowa Shows That If Dems Let Bernie Win, They Go Directly To Jail...They Can't Let That Happen
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Having spent months in Kyiv, Ukraine uncovering evidence on Joe Biden (CD Media was first to break the Burisma wires), we realize how dirty Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Dem/Soros industrial electoral complex really are.

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We are witnessing the greatest coverup of a long series of criminal activity in history. We have said it over and over here at CD Media – the Democratic Party is nothing but a massive organized crime machine.

They cannot let Joe Biden lose. Joe Biden has to win (even if that eventuality is an obvious lost cause in November – they can’t give up the con). For if Joe Biden loses, they all go to jail. They do not pass go, they do not collect $200.

It really is that simple.

If anyone else than Joe Biden is in The White House in Jan of 2021, then their schemes, their theft of billions, their sedition, and yes their treason (selling out to China, etc) will be released for all the world to see.

A Joe Biden attorney general can stop Bull Durham from releasing the dogs of Hell against these criminal traitors.

Donald Trump will do no such thing.

When you think about last nights shenanigans in this context; it all becomes crystal clear what has been going on for the last three years – Russia hoax, Mueller, impeachment, et cetera, et cetera.

Last night’s result (or lack thereof) was all planned of course. They knew Bernie was going to win, so they had to stop him, just like they stopped the poll from coming out prior to the Caucus that showed him ahead. They believe the risk of negative perception is a risk worth taking to stop the communist from Vermont.

This morning there are plenty of rumors swirling around as to how this was orchestrated.

I don’t really care how it was done, that will all come out in time. What our readers do need to realize is that this was long in the works by the corrupt leadership of the DNC, who all have their hands in the illegal cookie jar.

When we finally understand how deep the rabbit hole goes, America will be stunned by the crimes of the Obama administration.

Look for peach mint 2.0 to start on Friday.

It really is that simple.

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