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From Stalking-Horse To Junkyard-Dog: Bernie’s Back On The Trash Heap

From Stalking-Horse To Lap-Dog: Bernie's Back On The Trash Heap
I love party unity

Progressivism is what liberals call Democratic Socialism and Democratic Socialism is what cowards call Socialism and Socialism is what liars call Communism.

And when Bernie says “us” what he really means is “not me” but his supporters don’t seem to mind.

There was a time when Americans could gather in crowds larger than 10 people.

Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist with a progressive agenda designed to push the Democratic Party sharply to the left. He effectively ended his White House campaign on Wednesday, and delivered the nomination to former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win, and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour,” he said in a speech to supporters that bookended his 2016 concession to Hillary Clinton. Now, like then, Bernie was a stalking horse designed to keep the moonbats on the progressive left leashed and subservient to the Democrat party.

In 2016 Bernie pretended to be an insurgent revolutionary but in reality he was a 74 year old hippy who the DNC rolled out to sooth the unhinged kooks that Democrats need to win elections. His candidacy was designed to keep the Ralph Nader liberals on the reservation and if all had gone according to plan Bernie would have arrived at the Convention with 15% of the delegates and obediently handed them over to her highness HRC. Ted Cruz was going to do the same thing for JEB! at the RNC but something very unexpected descended the Trump Tower escalator and disrupted a well orchestrated Clinton vs. Bush rematch.

Do you want John Quincy Adams who can write, or Andrew Jackson who can fight?

The Democrats saw Trump beat JEB! (and 15 other GOP top tier candidates) like a drum and looked around for their own iconoclastic populist to take out Hillary. They realized their only available choices were Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders or Jim Webb so, against all odds, Bernie was soon pulling 40%+ of the vote and Hillary had to cheat like an Arkansas gambler to capture enough delegates and win the nomination. It was an embarrassing spectacle for disappointed citizens and try as they might the Fake News media couldn’t keep voters in the dark about the deep seeded anger Democrats felt over the primary process. When the DNC emails were published by WikiLeaks every low down dirty deed was verified in DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s communications. The lid blew off the DNC conspiracy and Sanders indignantly broke with the party by running as third party write in candidate, right?… Wrong.

Senator Sanders did his job and dutifully crammed a flaming HRC shit sandwich down the Bernie Bros throat at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. That spineless capitulation to Debbie ”Blabbermouth” Schultz and Donna Brazile combined with his betrayal of the lazy simpletons who donated their hard earned money to hear Marxist platitudes should have ended Bernie’s political career. In a just world he would have resigned and wandered out into the Vermont woods in shame-filled self-flagellation.

“I think he is a pathological liar. I also think he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, somebody who is gaining cheap political points by trying to pick on minorities, often undocumented immigrants.”

Senator Bernie Sanders

But early last year “Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders enters the 2020 presidential race” and he almost wiped the Democrat Party off the face of the earth. On the eve of Super Tuesday the lilliputians that couldn’t beat a 78 year old Communist who had never accomplished anything in a 30 year political career except feeding his flock to the wolves were about to see him become the unbeatable front runner for the Democratic nomination. At the 11th hour the party bosses ordered their most competitive candidates to fall on their swords and endorse Joe Biden. At the same time word went out form DC HQ to every union boss, “preacher” man and school principal in the country and ordered them to vote for Joe. On Tuesday March 3 Biden won states that he’d never campaigned in, ran no advertising in and had no ground operation in. The Fake News pointed to Biden’s “Big Mo” (momentum) coming out of the South Carolina primary as a rational explanation for this unprecedented and otherwise inexplicable reversal of fortune.

Early in the primary season Trump was asked about Biden and he opined, “He ran two or three times, he never got above 1%. And then, Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became the vice president.” The “trash heap” the president was referring to is otherwise known as the US Senate and that is right where Bernie Sanders belongs. Bernie suspended his campaign but he did not end it and he’s not endorsing Joe Biden. He’s holding on to his delegates and asking his supporters to continue to vote for him in future primaries. Most importantly, his supporters can still donate their hard earned money to his campaign fund and what happens to that money is entirely Bernie’s decision. He is effectively running one of the greatest and longest running confidence plays in grifter history and his supporters love him for it.

Bernie calls himself a Democratic Socialist but he doesn’t like Socialism for himself or even for “We the People.” What Bernie really believes in, though it would be hard for him to admit it on the campaign trail, is Constitutional Monarchy. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are his dream States and he wants the USA to “learn” from them. Scratch that, Bernie want America to BE them. He loves Canada’s multiculturalism and England’s NIH and Japan’s social services but all these countries have one thing in common – a king (or queen). In the United States of America there is no king and the people are sovereign. Bernie Sanders will never accept this simple, foundational truth so, God willing, he will never be this countries president.

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pc_Phage April 10, 2020 at 11:01 am

Chew on this.
Bernie quit the race because Biden offered him the VP slot.

By November Bernie may be incoherent.
With a Biden/Bernie ticket the Bernie Bros will go to the Polls.
If Biden wins, he will retire within 6 months with a “heart condition”.
Every thing has already been negotiated?
The Bosses think they can control Bernie’s commie instincts,
or maybe they don’t care.
Enter AOC–the new VP.

There will be no debates.
Only Hillary-like picked voters hurling marshmallows.
The MSM and social media will do their part.
Massive Ballot Box stuffing by mail-in-ballots too.
Probability of Trump win is 45% ?

pc_Phage April 10, 2020 at 11:04 am

By november BIDEN may be incoherent.

no edit function?


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