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U.S. Big Tech Has A Big China Problem

Big Tech companies have a BIG China problem. China uses slave labor in manufacturing. And Big Tech companies, like Apple and Intel have supply chains in China. That means their stuff is often made by prison labor or slave labor, often from the Uyghur Muslims, a persecuted minority from Xinjiang. And rather than dealing with supply chain issues, Big Tech companies are actively lobbying the US Senate to water down the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which would mean big trouble for Big Tech companies caught using Uyghur slave labor in their production lines. Its just one more example of how the US China economy creates some interesting moral dilemmas for Americans, writes China Uncensored.

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Show me December 7, 2020 at 5:08 am

No problem, people buy Iphones as soon as they’re unloaded at the store, no matter where they’re from.
I don’t think people care at all.
Big Tech forced out Donald Trump and media, big tech and the voters all seem to be celebrating, because Donald Trump was trying to put America before China, but people didn’t want anything to do with Trump and the China business.
They can’t wait for China produced items, even from slave labor.
What happens in China is no one’s business but the Chinese, and American consumers buy Chinese products every chance they get and buy it by the billions, even trillions of dollars worth.


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