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Desperate ‘NewsGuard’ Obama Fanboy Demands CDM Talk To Him And Enable His Fake Hit Piece Narrative

Corrupt Media Watchdog 'NewsGuard' Sends Former CNN Producer, Obama Staffer To Do Hit Piece On CDMedia

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Obama Fanboy and former CNN intern Samuel Howard is angry. It seems CDMedia is not answering his demands to enable his fake news hit piece narrative.

He’s getting desperate and really doesn’t like our reporting on election fraud. We’ve written a couple times already about his ridiculous ‘NewsGuard’ accusations.

“I wanted to check in on this one last time and add a few other things.

“…the misleading stories I emailed about and others remain on the site uncorrected.

“And here is another example of your site promoting the unsubstantiated theory that widespread fraud swung the election in Biden’s favor. Can you similarly comment on why you published this piece? It seems like a particularly large focus for your site is advancing these claims of election fraud — Why is that?”

Sorry Samuel, we’re still not answering. We’ll let our audience judge as to your trustworthiness.

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