Jan Greenhawk

Why Do Progressive Democrats HATE Parent’s Rights?

It’s always amazing how far hypocritical Progressive Democrats will go to fight everything Conservative Republicans propose.

The most recent issue is Parental Rights. We recently asked candidates to sign a “Parents’ Right Pledge” created by Moms for Liberty. We had many candidates read the pledge and readily sign it. By the reaction of local Progressive Democrats, you would have thought that we asked them to sign an agreement to kill cute puppies. They were apoplectic, even to the extent of publishing a lie about it on Facebook.

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These Community Schools Aren’t What You Think They Are

Community School. It sounds so quaint, so nice, so comforting. The town I live in once had such a school, The Oxford School. It has long been closed because it was too small and too expensive to keep open. But it was a true community school where kids walked to school in the morning, went home for lunch, walked back, and walked home after dismissal. My husband attended that school when he was a child. It was a community school in the truest sense.

The community schools I am going to describe for you are not that community school. They are something much more invasive and insidious. And they will cost state taxpayers millions.

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