Euro Bytes

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A conversation about European Society.

Hosts Christian Geib, Lukas Posch, Fabian Kleinschmidt, John Winsell Davis and CDM’s L Todd Wood.

Episode 9 – Euro Bytes – Is German Intelligence Attacking The US?

The Euro Bytes team dives into reports German intelligence agencies are running information operations in the United States.

Episode 8 – Euro Bytes – Germany Looks for Rubles

The Euro Bytes team digs deep into the Russian chess move to force ‘unfriendly countries’ to pay for Russian gas in rubles, and the impact of the move on the USD.

Episode 5 – Euro Bytes – Well, Putin Went Ahead And Did It In Ukraine

The Euro Bytes crew dives deep into the information war in Ukraine and the possible reasons behind Putin’s decision to invade.

Episode 4 – Euro Bytes – From The Front Lines Of The Next Forever War – Ukraine

The Euro Bytes team takes you to live in Kyiv, Ukraine to discuss latest developments in the next war being pushed by the globalist overlords.

Episode 3 – Euro Bytes – The History Of Ukraine, Is Russia A Natural Ally?

The Euro Bytes team dives deep into the history of Ukraine and discusses – is Russia a natural ally?

Episode 2 – Euro Bytes – The Best Analysis Of Russia/Ukraine You Will Find On The Web Today

The Euro Bytes Team does a deep dive on the historical context and contemporary scenario of the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the Military Industrial Complex’s attempt to wag the dog on the Ukrainian border.

Christian Geib and Lukas Posch discuss with CDM’s L Todd Wood the situation with vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and lockdowns on The Continent, with a focus on Germany and Austria.