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Steve Kirsch: Intracranial Infection Cases Up 60-Fold Since Vaccines Rolled Out

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Covid-treatment entrepreneur Steve Kirsch put out the following email from his Substack tonight.

Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out

But it can’t be caused by the vaccines since they are “safe and effective.” I wonder what the cause is? Infectious disease docs say nothing is wrong, ignore it. Keep repeating “safe and effective.

A message from one of my followers. Sure, it’s an anecdote, but it is not an isolated incident. A 60-fold increase in intracranial infections (5/month vs. 1 per year). Nobody can figure out why. Only started happening after the vaccines rolled out.

You won’t hear of this since the surgeons aren’t going to speak out since they’ll lose their license (as noted in the message). That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Steve, I got this message from my neurosurgeon friend…“I just took care of an 11-year-old African American cheerleader (she is a “flyer” which means she is the person who is lifted up into the air during a stunt; they are usually very strong and have excellent balance while in the air) in amazing health who had a headache. She got worse and mother brought her to my hospital. She was in a coma and had a brain abscess. I had to put a tube in her head to save her life. Pure pus from her head…. And MRI showed a brain abscess as well as sinusitis, and she had a tooth infection.

”So I called my friend (the anti-Vax NS) and said WTF: she said she operated in 5 kids like this in the past month! We see normally one a year. We both said at the same time, “Masks!”

So I wrote to another ped NS friend in the Midwest and this is what he just sent me:

“Yes, it is raining intracranial infections here. We just did one and have done 10-12 since October. This is weird as it’s the wrong season for them. We get them in spring and only a sprinkling of them. ENT is having a similar issue with severe sinusitis’s in kiddies. We asked ID and they just shrug their shoulders”. [Ed note: ID is short for infectious disease ]

Steve, I asked my neurosurgeon friend to call you as she is still pro vaccine despite what she is seeing with her own eyes, but she is afraid that she could jeopardize her license. The other NS recently got fired for not getting the jab, so maybe she would speak with you. Thank you.

Most likely cause is the vaccine, but masks could also cause this.

According to my neurologist, the most likely cause is the vaccine, but mask could also cause this (sinus infection that goes to the brain). She gave it 60:40 odds, where 60% it is the vaccine, 40% it is masks.

Of course the CDC is never going to tell you any of this.

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Buddinsky January 16, 2022 at 5:41 am

The hydra vulgaris worms ate through the Blood brain membrane barrier and are deficating in the Brain matter.

Patricia January 16, 2022 at 11:22 am

Brain tumors have also had a dramatic increase starting in 2021.


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