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DOJ Bombshell: Chinese Consulate In San Francisco Harboring ‘Active Duty’ PLA Researcher Wanted By FBI

DOJ Bombshell: Chinese Consulate In San Francisco Harboring 'Active Duty' PLA Researcher Wanted By FBI
Consulate General of Peoples Republic of China
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Amid a crazy day of ordered consulate closures, alleged death and bomb threats made against the Chinese Embassy in Washington and diplomatic wrangling, and on threats out of Beijing to “respond” in a devastating way to Trump’s growing pressure campaign and China-related sanctions, Axios is just out with a bombshell late in the day Wednesday that ensures the tit-for-tat will only grow much more intense.

A researcher who lied about her affiliation with a Chinese military university entered the Chinese consulate in San Francisco after being interviewed by the FBI on June 20 about alleged visa fraud and has remained there, according to an FBI assessment in court filings dated July 20,” Axios writes. 

If accurate, this would give some level of evidence to support Senator Marco Rubio’s earlier charged allegation that “China’s Houston consulate is a massive spy center, forcing it to close is long overdue,” as he tweeted, riling Chinese diplomats and pundits. He called it and others a “spy shop” which is part of the “Communist Party’s vast network of spies & influence operations in the United States.”..

To read more visit Zero Hedge.

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