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BREAKING REPORT: China Infiltrates Afghan Foreign/Interior Ministries For Control Of Natural Resources

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CDMedia interviewed Afghan intelligence officers in-country who described the Chinese infiltration of Afghan Foreign and Interior Ministries. The goal seems to be for Beijing to harness the natural resources of Afghanistan, especially the copper mines.

Our source also described how China is working with the Taliban to control a road in the north of the nation that leads to Pakistan.

The Afghan military professional who worked ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with U.S. forces for years, described the Afghan view the Biden Administration ‘submitted’ Afghanistan to Pakistan intentionally.

“What about the families of dead American soldiers?” he asks on the video which you can watch the full hour here.

“Everything is totally gone. All the successes for 20 years are gone. Unfortunately the U.S. allowed Al-Qaeda to take refuge in Pakistan.

“Now China controls Bagram Air Base.

“The Taliban is lying to the world. We have no freedom of speech. They are killing people. The are allowing ISIS to come in. The economy is collapsing. There is no judiciary. It is anarchy.

“We need to respect all the lives that were lost in both countries. I know the American people. It is hard to believe the American people would allow Joe Biden to submit Afghanistan to Pakistan and China.

“It is a very irresponsible act for the world…”

This panel interview is part of a series on Biden betrayal in Afghanistan – Afghanistan DIY

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JB October 24, 2021 at 10:57 pm

So Biden may have ‘gifted’ Afghanistan to his buddy Xi Jing Ping? In return Xi won’t show the world the lap top videos of Joe’s son Hunter doing S&M on little 8 year old Chinese girls and then turning it into a snuff film? What will he give Xi next? Australia, Taiwan and all the South Pacific Islands? Maybe America itself, ready and willing to be invaded and fully prepared to surrender if they threaten to nuke Yellowstone?


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