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EXCLUSIVE: Covid-Treatment Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch To Sue Fauci And Moderna For Creating Covid -19 Virus

Moderna office in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Image by Fletcher

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CDMedia spoke today with Covid-treatment entrepreneur and head of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) Steve Kirsch who informed us he will be suing the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci and the biotechnology firm Moderna for creating the Covid-19 virus and killing millions of people, causing trillions in economic damage.

“You can’t sue the vaccine manufacturers for the vaccine; they have complete liability protection from the Federal Government.

“Why is that, by the way? Why are vaccines the only thing we give complete liability protection for by law?

“But you can sue them for creating the virus the vaccine was meant to combat.

“Fauci was involved in a cover-up regarding Wuhan. It is obvious. He lied to the American public about what happened there and how.

“Moderna was caught with a patent dated in 2016 which showed they patented the exact viral sequence found in Covid-19. How is that possible?

“I can’t wait to depose both of them. We have to have accountability for what they did.”

Kirsch went on to plug the Defeat the Mandates rally in Los Angeles on April 10th, where he expects a couple hundred thousand people. VSRF is a major sponsor.

You can find out about the rally here.

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BigG March 30, 2022 at 4:51 am

Fauci Mengele should also have an investigation lodged against him for his experimenting, testing, and murdering of numerous orphan children and babies during the 1980s through the present. Having no one to defend them, Fauci Mengele had them killed and buried in Westchester, NY (typically) in an effort to eliminate any witnesses and autopsies. He’s done the same with Native American women and children who have “disappeared mysteriously” over the years, again to present. PresT had signed an executive order creating a task force for the missing and murdered Native Americans, a fact slyly hidden by corporate media and the dark web deep state/big pharma party of murderers to protect the Fauci monster.


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