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Florida Taking Offensive With Disney By Removing Special Privileges

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The Florida House of Representatives has just passed a bill, already passed by the Florida Senate, which will remove the special tax breaks, and self-governance, the Disney Corporation has held for decades, since the 1960s.

Governor Desantis has decided the cabal will not hurt children in Florida, no matter how much money is involved.

The bill will now move to the Governor’s desk for signature.

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CD Media Staff


DanPB April 22, 2022 at 3:25 pm

They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. When i searched where I can get ivm on google I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Every search query was censored. If I can save 1 person that will use this product instead of going to icu and plugged into ventilators that will burst her/his lungs. that is enough for me. I feel good when I put a spoke in big pharma’s wheel. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

A B April 22, 2022 at 7:19 pm


They don’t take away Disney’s Special District status until June NEXT YEAR, and allow them to REESTABLISH it at the same time it goes away. In other words, they aren’t losing their special district status AT ALL!

Further, the bill is amended by removing prohibitive language to now ALLOW Disney and others to buy, bribe and control Politicians by allowing them to make contributions and give gifts and bribes to politicians and allowing politicians to accept and keep bribes and payments from Disney.

Read the text yourself. Read the parts they struck from law. Read the details.

The anti-gr00ming law is fake too…. it barely does anything to protect chi|dren, and ONLY BELOW 4th grade. Desantis should be arresting chi|d preditors in schools, not passing unecessary bills that change 250 years of common decency law into a vague privilege that shifts the criminality of teachers into something we must look to a bill to see if they are allowed to do. Further, the bill allows parents to give permission for their chi|dren to be gr00med by teachers.

DESANTIS IS F A K E !! Stop believing the FAKE NEWS and crooked politicians. Stop believing it simply bcuz you want a savior and want to believe in the lies of De Santis and the fake news. Go look for yourself. Do the research. You will learn that DeSantis is not really doing what is being portrayed in the news. Disney just got a HUGE boost to their XXX perversion assalts on our chi|dren. Disney can now buy off politicians. Disney continues to have their special district and tax-free status.


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