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The $64,000 Question – Is A Recession Coming? It’s Possible And Would Be The Time To Back Up The Truck

The $64,000 Question - Is A Recession Coming?
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Is a recession coming? Meaning a two-quarter period of negative growth in the U.S. economy? It’s quite possible. But it is certain the corrupt, legacy media and the Democrat Party, and especially the Chicoms definitely want one. This is really the only viable way to even crack the door open to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2020.

The economy has been Trump’s (pardon the pun) trump card. Never has a president not been re-elected to a second term with around 4% GDP growth. If the Democrats and their media enablers can even spin an economic slowdown, their chances would improve to gain The White House, although I don’t even think that would be enough due to their elitist, anti-American agenda.

For those of us old enough to remember the Reagan years, Ronald Maximus went through a severe slow down in the early ’80s as his Fed Chairman Paul Volcker increased rates substantially to plunge a knife into Jimmy Carter’s progressive nirvana of a misery index through the roof and rampant inflation. But once Reagan killed the inflation enemy, passed his historic tax cuts, and deregulated the economy, the American economic engine exploded for several decades, primarily benefiting Bill Clinton, allowing him to balance the budget with Newt Gingrich’s prodding.

Trump’s fight with China is very similar to the situation Reagan faced after Carter’s disastrous presidency. China is a problem that has to be dealt with. If Beijing’s duplicitous deceit is not confronted, America as we know it will cease to exist. It is that simple.

I frankly don’t think we will face a recession in the near future, even though business cycle wise, we are due. I think Trump’s economic policies are like water to a man in the desert. The American economy will continue to roar. I don’t think we even need China to be extremely successful. China is like a cancer, the body will live much better without it.

China is not an economic partner; they are an economic pariah that needs to be kicked out of international trade organizations.

As we fight this good fight, POTUS needs our unwavering support in the face of the sure to come media #NeverTrump spin.

However, if a recession does come, as the market may be signaling as we speak, then it will be time to back the truck up for equities because the rebound will be even better than the go-go ’80s.

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