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Inflation: I’m Baaack! OBiden Numbers Go Feet Up

US Populists Are Winning, But CCP Will Go Kinetic, And Biden Will Help Them

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This morning’s economic indicator release shows inflation rising at the fastest pace since the good ole’ Jimmy Carter days. Millennials and Zoomers are about to get a taste of the ‘Misery Index’ to add to all their problems. But of course, many will continue to channel ‘orange man bad’.

Inflation was reported off the charts, way above even the wildest estimates. CDMedia has been telling you this is coming for a while. As Steve Bannon likes to say on War Room, ‘Embrace the suck!’

This is not rocket science — debase the currency with purposeful irresponsible spending and this is what you get…Happy now OBiden?

And he’s only just begun to fight! Fuel has been cutoff to red states…food and medicine next?

We are optimistic at CDMedia we will eventually get a legitimate government in The White House but until then, protect your family, and your net worth, with diversification out of equities and into precious metals and commodities…things you can touch.

Markets are down again this morning on the news.

Consumer Price Index Core s.a. (Apr) printed at 273.7.

Consumer Price Index (MoM) (Apr) printed at 0.8% vs 0.2% consensus estimate.

Consumer Price Index n.s.a. (MoM) (Apr) printed at 267.054 vs 265.584 estimate.

Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (MoM) (Apr) printed at 0.9% vs 0.3% estimate.

Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Apr) printed at 4.2% vs 3.6% estimate.

Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (YoY) (Apr) printed at 3% vs 2.3% estimate.

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Steve May 12, 2021 at 9:55 am

I am wishing for it to happen with great pain and suffering. For those of us that lived through the Jimmy Carter years we know where we are headed. It is time for those of you under 40 to get an education because most you were not born then; for most of you 50 or younger because you were at best 10 years old; for those 60 or less most of you don’t even remember because you just got out of High School or were in the middle of College.

Those that fail to learn from history get to repeat it. Suffer America you darn well deserve it. Maybe then you will wake up. I’m not holding my breath.

Tom May 12, 2021 at 10:27 am

I think that prime interest rate, CD rates
and inflation were double digits.

Trotsky's Icepick May 24, 2021 at 2:15 pm

The out of control spending controlled economic demolition by the CPUSA in order to bring about the equality of results for all UBI utopia.
Human nature is not a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and it (comm/soc) isn’t going to work here but it isn’t meant to work as the real goal of socialism/communism is destroying nation states.
Don’t waste any time on the clueless head in the sand useless idiots chasing after the back to normal carrot, Trump was the last chance and the Big Steal made sure to close that window.


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