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Trump Takes Action Against DACA

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While President Trump said he was working with key Republicans on a DACA deal, he took a step today to ensure the program will not receive any new applications.  The administration, which is challenging the legality of the program in the courts, is working to dismantle it all together, despite Trump’s statement weeks ago about a path forward.  

The administration also plans to limit the amount of time for DACA recipients to extend their status in the United States, shortening the length from two years to one year.  The DHS plans to conduct a “comprehensive review” of DACA, and to review the legality of the program. 

President Trump has promised since 2016 that he would end DACA.  For his core supporters, this is a serious campaign issue for them.  Trump has said that Democrats want to use DACA for political purposes, whereas he wants to find a concrete path forward.  It is unclear what the final outcome will be for the program, and if Trump wants to make a deal with the Democrats.  The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling kept the program in place, and caused Trump to call for more conservative judges on the bench. 

Why this matters: Conservatives have long questioned and fought against DACA, which was formed under the Obama administration.  The determination of citizenship is a power allotted to Congress, not the White House.  Since its formation, it has been a hot political issue. 

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