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JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic: Prepare For Trump Win

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Market analyst Marko Kolanovic’s job is to help predict the markets and make people money from his foresight. And in a note to his clients, he made it very clear who he thinks will take the win this November: Donald Trump. Kolanovic said that most investors are making preparations for a Trump victory, and that the only reason he isn’t higher in the polls is because of the “cancel culture” that makes Trump voters timid to reveal to pollsters how they will really vote. 

Kolanovic is credited for predicting the market movements during the coronavirus and when exactly it would bottom. He said that the silent majority is what will move the election, and so people should expect a boost for Trump that isn’t reflected in the polls. The Market analyst also said the protests in cities across America, and the Democrats response to them, will benefit Trump. In a note obtained by Bloomberg, he said that if these protests are thought to be more violent than peaceful, Trump will get another boost. Republicans, he thinks, could get an additional 10% of votes because of it. Because of social media, more people are able to see the destruction in these cities over what is shown on the news. Trump can then use social media to push his message of law and order. 

Why this matters: There is no bias for investors with their predictions for the election, as their main motive is to make money. Despite what the polls show, and what the pundits say, Wall Street will look beyond opinions and censorship in order to figure out where to put their investments. President Trump has been very focused on his law and order message. His campaign has been clear about where Trump stands on the protests, and he has said America has an obvious choice between the future of the country. As protests continue in Portland for almost 100 nights straight, and sprout up in cities like Kenosha, there is uncertainty from Americans about what their leaders will do if the peaceful protests turn violent. 

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[…] JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic: Prepare For Trump Win […]

KevinK September 3, 2020 at 9:11 am

Don’t be so hasty. If mail in voting is not knocked on the head, Trump will win on the night and lose on the post-election mail count. Why do you think the democrats have put up a hopelessly feral pair? because they don’t need them.


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