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War Room Pandemic Friday Recap 3/5

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“It was also Wolf, it was also Whitmer, it was also Newsom,” he said. “Andrew Cuomo is just the most brazen example of this.”

Our guests are: Amanda Milius, Leigh Brown.

Mainstream America “has no idea” how bad it is, says Leigh Brown. “It doesn’t even feel like America. You see it in real life, it’s terrifying.” Our guests are: Amanda Milius, Leigh Brown, Richard Baris, Bianca Gracia, Beatrix Von Storch.

“Human trafficking, sex trafficking…honestly Steve, I’m looking at this as a treasonous act of our government,” Mendoza said. Our guests are: Mike McCormick, Ben Bergquam, Mary Ann Mendoza, Boris Epshteyn, Lucia DeClerck.

The War Room talks to Ms. Lucia Declerck, 105-Year-Old COVID survivor, to learn her secrets.

Boris joins the show to talk about how Paul Ryan is helping Liz Cheney after going against President Trump.

Steve Bannon talks about what to expect from an impending transition of power.

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