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War Room Pandemic Saturday Show Recap 3/27

“She caved to the NCAA,” he said. “A real leader would have taken up that fight. Even an astute political calculator would have taken up that fight.” Our guests are: Dave Ramaswamy, Darren Beattie.

“A big opportunity for young people is to go back to the second sailing of the Mayflower,” he said. “Only this time it will be along the Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers.” Our guests are: Dave Ramaswamy, John Fredericks.

Dave Ramaswamy explains how “telework populism” can swing young people to America First policies and strengthen the economy.

Dave Ramaswamy and Stephen K. Bannon reveal the choke point strategy of the CCP. The fragility of the world economy is illustrated in the blocking of the Suez canal, much like shutting down Wuhan shut down the word’s “pharma complex.”

John Fredericks, host of Outside the Beltway, says the left’s meltdown over the Georgia voter integrity law proves there was fraud last November.

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