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War Room Pandemic Monday Show Recap 4/12

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“The 100 CEOs took the mask off,” Bannon said. “They don’t want voter integrity because they understand that if we had a real count on Nov. 3, you would be in power and they would be on their back foot.”

Our guest is: Boris Epshteyn.

“And what the national security state wants is to smear us all as domestic terrorists because we oppose the corrupt agenda of the globalist American empire,” Beattie said.

Our guests are: Darren Beattie, Raynard Jackson.

The people who control this government think that whenever your wages go up, they’re going to ship our jobs overseas so people can have cheap crap at Walmart. Even though they don’t have a paycheck, they’ve got cheap crap at Walmart. Our guests are: Dr. Peter Navarro, Sloan Rachmuth.

Sloan Rachmuth joins the War Room to talk about the ongoing fight in North Carolina against Marxism in schools.

Dr. Peter Navarro joins the War Room to rip the Fed Chair after his latest interview that signaled anti-American worker sentiment.

Meet the Rothschild Socialite Behind the 100 CEO Pro-Voter Fraud Call.

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