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War Room Pandemic Friday Recap 4/16

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The truth was murdered in front of our eyes,” Kassam said. “This just isn’t about left vs. right. That’s a veneer, a facade, that’s the game they keep trying to get us to play. We’re all guilty of playing it.

Our guest is: Raheem Kassam.

A Who’s Who of Devils…Vatican Conference, More CNN Tapes, and Who Killed Ashli Babbitt.

“What Fauci did during the AIDs epidemic, he was effectively the AIDs czar,” Navarro said. “He had the power to withhold drugs from AIDs patients and what he did was the same thing…he said that because there were no randomized clinical trials what was then a cocktail of drugs, that those folks couldn’t use them.” Our guest is: Dr. Peter Navarro.

Steve Bannon calls out Fauci to show what evidence he is using to base his decisions on.

Navarro: Fauci Killed 13,000 People During AIDS Epidemic.

‘A Who’s Who of Devils’: Vatican Conference Being Used for One World Globalist Agenda.

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