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War Room Pandemic Monday Show Recap 6/13

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Episode 1,925 – Powell Has Been Lying Through His Teeth To The American People

Episode 1,926 – Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, New York: MAGA On The Ballot; AI Is Gaining Sentient Life

Episode 1,927 – Taking Back Wyoming From The RINOS; The Changing Tide On The Ground Towards MAGA

WarRoom Battleground EP 71: Catherine Engelbrecht Directly Refutes Barr’s Live

‘People Are Waking Up’: Savanah Hernandez Interviews Americans To Find Authentic Beliefs On Biden

Jim Marchant: The Establishment Has No Chance To Survive With Safe And Fair Elections

Harnwell: “The MSM and our sociopathic globalist overlords are working together to shake us down”

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