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The Left Is Using America’s Institutions, Built By Patriots, To Undermine The Country

The Left Is Using America's Institutions, Built By Patriots, To Undermine The Country

As recent reports of State Department corruption flood in from Ukraine, an observation hit me the other day — the Left is using American institutions, built by the blood and toil of patriots of generations past, to destroy the very country they were created to protect and serve.

The extent of the infiltration into federal, state, and municipal governments by ‘progressive’ (read communist) bureaucrats is simply stunning, and very dangerous to the existence of the republic itself (McCarthy wasn’t wrong, he was just early).

Long stymied at the ballot box to further the socialist march in the United States, the Deep State (for lack of a more fitting term) has metastasized inside the brilliant system our Founding Fathers created in an attempt to create a fair system of human governance that would protect freedom for all in perpetuity.

The list of corrupted federal agencies is stunning. The CIA, FBI, Department of State, IRS, VA, DOJ, et cetera, et cetera, have all been seriously compromised.

They are not only using these agencies to attack the political opposition on the right, they are using them to profit as well. The millions that have been diverted to the Biden family from IMF aid to Ukraine is the perfect example.

When combined with the devastation created by the Left inside our education system, the obstacles to return America to a free country are formidable indeed (that was the intention of course). This cancer even extends to our military service academies where the social justice agenda is being force fed to future American leaders.

But the process to rip out the communist cancer must begin now and must be completed quickly, or America is gone.

This is why the re-election of Donald Trump to the presidency is so critical to our children’s future.

This is also why the Left is going all out to remove Trump from office. They know he will deconstruct the corrupt administrative state in a second term.

The American communist cabal has taken off the gloves and their agenda is laid bare for all to see; they no longer even hide their objective which is nothing less than a full-blown Bolshevik revolution in our beloved America.

Now it’s time for patriots to take off the gloves as well.

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CD Media Staff


AT December 3, 2019 at 4:22 pm

Read the 45 communist goals that were read into the 1963 Congressional Record….a blueprint for America’s destruction. The Marxist Democrats have completed almost all of them.

Joseph C December 5, 2019 at 5:06 am

McCarthy wasn’t early, he was just in time. It is we who were late to heed his warning, and it is we who are reaping the whirlwind.


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