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MSNBC #FakeNews Calculates Invisible Math

If you would know the value of money, try to borrow some.

Benjamin Franklin
It’s all about the Benjamins

Last Thursday Brian Williams broke the internet (again) when he sat down with New York Times Editor Mara Gay and discussed Mike Bloomberg’s $500 million contribution to the Democrat Party’s consulting infrastructure disguised as campaign expenditure. These two “journalists” were lamenting the fact that the industrious New York businessman didn’t just give his money directly to the people instead of creating stupid billboard advertisements about Donald Trump’s eating habits and golf game. To drive his point home, Williams quoted a tweet by Mekita Rivas who claimed that everyone in America should have, and could have, been given one million dollars with all the money Bloomberg wasted. Ms. Gay enthusiastically agreed and enjoined that “there’s too much money in politics.” Amen sister, and keep on speaking truth to power.

Listing all the humorous tweets, memes and blog postings inspired by this exchange on MSNBC’s late night news program would make this a very, very long article. Over at “The Hill” reporter Joe Concha called it the ‘Saddest clip in TV history’ and made the point that in the world of cable news, an item like this erroneous tweet needs to pass through a phalanx of writers and producers before it gets put on air. Even though Brian Williams apologized almost immediately for his math mistake, the ridicule he received from the digital tastemakers and cyber influencers has been vicious. It’s almost like a vast collection people hate the handsome fantabulistic storyteller who embellished his war correspondent experience so dramatically and so often that he was forced off the NBC Evening News. During the Obama presidency Brian Williams was the most watched newsman in America and his NBC Nightly News beat all others in the ratings war.

After six months of media exile, Brian Williams snuck through the back alley of MSNBC. There he has been for the past five years discussing stories every bit as “incredible” as the calculation in Ms. Rivas’ tweet. Breathless reporting on the border wall, the electoral college, the Inauguration crowd size, Russian collusion, the “fine people” hoax, the Helsinki Summit “treason”, the Mueller Report, the Ukraine phone call, the “whistleblower”, and hundreds of smaller stories (Billy Bush, Stormy Daniels, a gold star mom, Greenland, Puerto Rico, two scoops of ice cream, etc.) have been, more or less, false. The #FakeNews only got caught with its pants down on the Bloomberg story because there is an actual equation at the heart of it, and numbers don’t lie.

There is an calculation that NBC News and The New York Times never discuss in the same way they disparage Billionaire Bloomberg’s riches. These numbers are well known and the math problem looks like this: 23 trillion / 320 million = seventy-one thousand eight hundred seventy-five. That’s $70K on the head of every man, woman and child living in the United States of America, and it’s reasonable to think this fact would be the top story on the evening news every night, but it’s not. The national debt is big, ominous and true, but our news media rarely discusses it and never proposes a solution like, say, cutting federal government spending or, Heaven forbid, asking Americans to pay back the money their government has borrowed. It is often said that “there’s too much money in politics,” but that sentiment is rarely directed toward government borrowing and spending.

Now there is a worldwide contagion on the verge of becoming a pandemic that will negatively affect the global economy, and the USA has a maxed-out credit card. The last time the American economy took a big hit was 2008, both presidential candidates ran on the promise of reducing the unacceptable debt of $10 trillion that had doubled as a result of endless foreign wars. The winner of that contest doubled that debt again over two terms in office without objection from the co-equal branches of government or the guardians in the Fake News Media and walked out of the Oval Office owing $19,944,429,217,106. The stock market is crashing and oil prices are in a deflationary death spiral, but the talking heads on TV can’t add up the sum total of their malfeasance.

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