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99 Democrat Red Balloons

This is it boys, this is war!

99 Democrat Red Balloons
Image by Lorie Shaull

Look at what is happening today. The Chinese coronavirus is ravaging our most at risk loved ones. The National Guard has been called up to deal with the situation. New Chinese coronavirus cases in New York hit almost 30,000 overnight. The American economy is cratering. No one can leave their houses.

But Nancy Pelosi is in all her glory.

Think about what the Democrats are doing in the middle of this crisis they do not want to go to waste — they are spouting the Chinese Communist Party line, trying to destroy our president, and holding America hostage for sociialism, working for Beijing’s goals, not ours.

I’m a vet. I took an oath. I swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies…foreign and DOMESTIC.

If the current Democratic Party is not a domestic enemy, I don’t know who is.

People are dying, but Nancy wants socialism. It doesn’t get any more dangerous than that.

We have said before, this is all too convenient, coming on the heels of the Russia Hoax, the Impeachment fiasco, and right before the 2020 presidential election.

There is much we don’t know for sure about what is actually happening, but I can guess.

I learned a long time ago…if it walks like a duck…well, you know the rest.

Pelosi WANTS our economy to fail. She WANTS small business to die. She WANTS power!

This is what our forefathers warned us about. This is why we have the Second Amendment…not to go hunting, or for self defense, but to protect against the tyrannical government the Democrats want to install.

So as the song goes for the Left…This is it boys! This is war!

For communism that is.

The Left thought they had American under the barrel. But they have moved too soon. They won’t stop. After the virus, there will be something more deadly to our POTUS. They are going for broke.

It’s time we realize what is going on.

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