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What The Hell Is Going On?

Weaving back and forth across the 4 lanes of the abandoned Interstate highway at 5PM on the outskirts of town felt very liberating in a “Mad Max” end of the world kind of way. I was living in San Francisco for the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and was walking on a desolate Bay Bridge a few days after that mag. 7.2 shake. I was living in New York City during the 9/11 terror attack and ran down to ground zero for a look as soon as the smoke had cleared. I don’t stop living, even in the middle of a dystopian nightmare straight out of a 1970’s Charlton Heston movie and yesterday’s trip to the Airport was, for me, just another day.

What The Hell Is Going On?
American Citizen
photo by Mia McDonald

Approaching the arrivals terminal felt strange because I was the only car on the road but then I saw the solitary figure of my daughter wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves waiting on the curbside. She had been camping out in a Long Island beach house for the “15 day pause” in late March but as April grew closer she decided to get out of NY and booked a seat on the one flight from Laguardia Airport to Richmond, VA. She was one of 2 passengers on the Boeing 737 and told me she had the entire terminal in NYC to herself.

Some readers might be thinking, “wow, that’s crazy to fly someone from the “hot zone” down to hang out for a few weeks and celebrate Easter weekend at your house.” Well. I say that it’s probably more dangerous to fill your tank with super cheap gasoline or skulk around the grocery store looking for toilet paper than it is to fly for an hour on an empty jumbo jet. Also, here in the Commonwealth our Governor Klan Robes Blackface has ordered all non-essensial ( business activity canceled until June 10 so I honestly don’t care if I contract this Chinavirus and die. But I’m not sure I would die, and that uncertainty, in my opinion, is a big problem.

This contagion has been very poorly reported and dealt with from the start and watching it spread around the world during the month of February was surreal. In early March multinational businesses were asking their employees to work from home and by the time colleges started cancelling school and basketball tournaments it was already too late to extinguish the panic fire. Now we have to listen to absurd rationale for staying in place, social distancing and washing our hands from politicians and Fake News who have not told a straight story since some distant golden age of truth when America only had 3 networks. Worse, the corporate news media has actively (and knowingly) lied about big stories like Russian Collusion, Stormy Daniels, Bret Kavanaugh and Ukrainian quid pro quo over the past 4 years. With the Chinavirus story they are lying about something big again and a lot of people, like me, don’t believe them.

Laughing and joking with my daughter on the relaxed and traffic free drive home we decided there are three possible scenarios playing out and we’re all going to have to wait to see which one is reality:

  1. The Chinavirus pandemic is real, but the contagion and death numbers are much higher than anyone in government or the corporate media are willing to tell We the People. It’s a deadly plague that nobody understands and the CCP is wery, wery sorry but the bat bug’s out the door and we’re all going to die. Something along the lines of this hellscape typed up by a “Chinese military intelligence officer” but true, impossible to arrest and long lasting.
  2. This hideous farce is a gigantic magic act designed to distract the people of the earth, lock them in their homes and run the most elaborate psyops play ever devised by man. Something like Q Anon’s 10 Days Of Darkness or similar reckoning for the Deep State, pedophile networks and cat ladies. Perhaps there is some horrible alien creature roaming the land and eating people so the World Government came up with this COVID-19 scam to keep us locked up while UN special forces hunt it down. Maybe it’s a Top Kek/Honk Honkler April Fool’s Joke that will never be surpassed and the pranksters are just waiting for us to “get it.”
  3. It is, unfortunately, also possible that governments, business leaders, educators and media outlets in America and throughout the world are sacrificing the global economy in the vain effort to save a few hundred thousand lives. Our leaders are asking us to sit on our hands and passively watch the hopes, dreams and livelihoods of countless millions disappear for their own moralizing self aggrandizement. Spending untold resources in an effort to extend the lives of octogenarians while squandering the future of eight year olds who, as it happens, don’t get sick from Wuflu.

If we’re living through option number one then I’ll search for death because I don’t want to live in a world without church, football, music halls and restaurants. If the second possibility is happening then It’s happening and I’m loading the freezer, oiling the shotgun and rationing toilet paper. If we’re living through number three then we’ve created a society and culture that deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth and I’ll accept God’s divine justice.

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