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Rudy Gobert Is Alive And Well, But You Might Die

Rudy Gobert Is Alive And Well, But You Might Die
Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs – Chinavirus Version
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On March 11 a Frenchman named Rudy Gobert who plays basketball for the Utah Jazz tested positive for Chinavirus (COVID-19) and the NBA suspended, later canceled, the remainder of its 2020 season. Why Gobert was tested has never been revealed, but a few days earlier he touched all the microphones at a press conference in a mocking gesture of disdain for the growing panic surrounding the virus. This slap-dash disregard for basic hygiene and manners is commonplace for NBA superstars but Mr. Gobert, with all his irresponsible mischief, was only able to infect one unlucky teammate named Donovan Mitchell. By March 27 both players were declared clear of the virus by the Utah Department of Health and the NBA announced “a clean bill of health to entire team.”

Gobert had mild symptoms of Chinavirus and Mitchell had what is called asymptomatic infection which means he had no symptoms at all. That makes these two athletes true posterboys for the contagion because about 98% of the people who get sick from it recover and over 50% of the people who have it don’t exhibit any symptoms. As of today the USA has 983 thousand confirmed cases of Chinavirus which resulted in 55,335 deaths (very sketchy number). Another 109 thousand people recovered which, presumably, means they were sick with some degree of symptomatic illness but didn’t die.

That leaves 818,665 people who are… what? They’re not dead and they’ve not recovered so they are either sick somewhere or they have no symptoms and are going about their business in a pre-Ides of March normalcy. By most calculations 500, 000 of America’s infected population are asymptomatic and doing just fine – some doctors think the number could be 4 times that high. The Chinavirus has spread broadly across the population and there is some evidence that the infections started in January or maybe even December of last year. The human virome contains 380 trillion viruses and this community can easily accommodate a few more mutated Coronavirus.

For the past 6 weeks many American citizens have been asked (ordered) to shelter in place at home where, according to science, the virus can survive and spread within a family or small group. These same “prisoners’ are allowed to visit the supermarket and breath the conditioned air while touching the produce and packaging which is surly covered with Chinavirus. Rather than expanding the number of places to socialize and eat food the public health “experts” are asking us to restrict our movement and centralize our shopping in supermarkets, pharmacies and liquor stores. While all non-essential workers isolate at home, thereby destroying the economy, the larger population of essential workers keep on truck’n and spreading the virus. This social structure is probably the fastest way to infect as many unwitting people as possible and build up a herd immunity while flattening the curve of death.

Flattening the Curve makes it Chinavirus last longer

Based on the most recent information from the health care establishment in the US our curve has flattened and the system is not going to be overwhelmed with plague victims. People will still get infected with the virus and some number of those people will get symptoms of a dry cough and elevated temperature with fatigue. A much smaller group of old and sick people will die from the Chinavirus which is an unfortunate but unavoidable reality of this disease. There is no cure and there will be no vaccine to prevent infection because this novel coronavirus is constantly mutating and is assumed to have multiple strains of various lethality. There are numerous drugs like hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir that have been used with some success to mitigate the effects of the illness and more drugs under development. Living (and dying) with virus and exposing the population to the contagion with a controlled and managed mass infection is the only way to get America and the world back to normal.

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A. Phineas Tinklebottom April 29, 2020 at 12:04 pm

Charlie, this is helpful and concise. We are being told that all are potential carriers, that the virus is easily transmissible and highly infectious, and that self isolation is important. There is little/no reporting on demographics of those who are dying from complications attributed to COVID-19. So who is this virus actually killing? And why should I care more about this virus than all of the other endemic germs that also complicate and kill?


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