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After The Regime Is Gone, America Will Be More United Than Ever

Corrupt Regime Now Fears Going To Prison – AG Garland Sends FBI After Angry Moms

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Yesterday the Attorney General of the United States sent the FBI after angry moms. If that doesn’t show the corrupt regime is illegitimate and scared, nothing will.

As the noose tightens around the corrupt OBiden White House and its minions in the CCP, big media, big Pharma, and government agencies, the fear is palpable by our illegitimate rulers. Criminals backed into a corner can lash out.

We at CDMedia firmly believe the American people will take back the republic and be united more than ever but we have a rough road to get there over the next few years. It’s 1776 all over again.

The reason Trump had to be removed was clear for any intellectually honest person. Blacks and Hispanics were moving to the America First agenda in waves. The 2020 general election truly was historic in its breadth of victory for 45.

So, the Left had to import another entire US population and opened the southern border for any and all who wanted to come in.

Whereas before there was rumor and conspiracy, now we have ‘in your face’ evidence of the OBiden corrupt rot in our institutions.

The good news is the American people are now fully awake. Perhaps it took a stolen election to achieve this status quo.

This is the silver lining, the true gift of the first term of the Trump presidency — the mask is off the criminals..

There is a great evil in the world. But now, the battle is joined.

Long live the American republic.

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1 comment

Anne S Reiser October 5, 2021 at 8:45 pm

RE:Last Year’s DHS Threat Assessment Predicted Wave Of Haitian Illegal Migration In A Southern Border Crisis

Since the deep state knew about the plan to steal the election, they could predict what would happen after Biden was installed….

……analysts COULD predicted that the administration’s opening immigration moves would be to accommodate those very same family units and unaccompanied alien children arrivals and grant vast numbers of them legalized resettlement privileges, which fueled historic levels of mass migration and has collapsed border management systems as predicted.


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