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The Sneaky IRS Tax Law That’s Sweeping The U.S.

The Sneaky IRS Tax Law That's Sweeping The U.S

Big Banks Don’t Want You to Know About the Opportunity this IRS “Cheat Code” Unlocks… That Isn’t Stopping It From Sweeping the U.S…

Big banks and the IRS want you to think, the only way to save for retirement is to load up on stocks – and feed the Wall Street beast.

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that this “beast” can bite the hand that feeds it, just as it did in 2008 and again in recent months, when the “Corona Crash” tanked Wall Street.

But, you have options. Did you know that you can move your retirement savings out of stocks, and KEEP your tax-advantaged status?

Have you heard about Section 408(m)(3)? It’s a little-known cousin of Section 401(k) of IRS code. I like to call it the “cheat code” that unlocks investments you simply can’t find on Wall Street. Here’s what I mean…

Section 408(m)(3) lets you open a Precious Metals “Self Directed” IRA and put REAL gold and silver into a tax-advantaged account.

Here are three good reasons to consider this IRS “cheat code”…

#1: Gold protects against stock crashes.

#2: Unlike the dollar, gold maintains its purchasing power over time.

#3: If something catastrophic happens to the dollar, gold can be used as currency around the world.

While you still can: Get an Info Kit on Gold, and the IRS “Cheat Code” to move your IRA or 401(k) to precious metals – with NO tax consequences.

You can Get Your FREE Info Kit Here. There is ZERO cost and ZERO obligation to you.

This comprehensive, 20-Page “Insider’s” Kit reveals how Gold:

  • Protects against crashing stocks,
  • Safeguards from a falling dollar, and
  • Offers tremendous growth potential

I have some of these Info Kits available today – claim yours now!

==> Click HERE to Get Your Free Info Kit on Gold
(ZERO cost and ZERO obligation to you)

Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

Last Thing: In the years immediately following 2008-09, as stocks languished, gold exploded in value. Today, Bank of America predicts gold will reach $3,000 as soon as 2022. Don’t miss your chance to diversify your savings. Request your FREE Info Kit on Gold now – while you still can.

Birch Gold Group assists Americans in protecting their nest egg with Gold IRAs, backed by physical precious metals. Due to its commitment to customer satisfaction, the national dealer of gold and silver has earned an A+ Rating with the BBB and countless 5-Star Ratings from some of its thousands of customers. To see how you too can move your savings into precious metals, get a free info kit here (no obligation to you).

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Tom February 24, 2021 at 10:03 pm

Yep! Shift that $250000 into gold. At $1800 per oz. you should be able to buy 8.6 lbs of gold. But you have to have it in a financial institution. Which means that it is in ink on white paper. Then should the bottom fall out of the country, the government can grab it from you legally and you will have no more than I have with my paper dollars. The whole USA is a grab for more money and money comes from production and guess who it is that produces? Workers, maybe?


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