Anti-Lockdown Protestors Clash With Police In Guangzhou Despite Threats Of Brutal ‘Crackdown’

Despite Chinese President Xi Jinping sending tanks into Xuzhou overnight Tuesday to quash anti-lockdown and pro-democracy protests in the eastern city, new protests continue to crop up across the country, leaving police clashing with protestors in Guangzhou and Xi threatening a brutal “crackdown” which brings back memories of the 1989 student Tiananmen Square uprising that ended when the Chinese government murdered hundreds, possibly thousands, of protestors.

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Reminiscent Of Tiananmen Square – West Turns Away As Chinese Communists Send In Tanks To Quash Pro-Democracy Protests

In a scene all too reminiscent of the July 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into Xuzhou, a city of 9 million in eastern China, Tuesday night. The tanks were ordered to Xuzhou in an effort to suppress a recent rash of protests that initially broke out in response to Jinping’s zero-Covid policy that led to the deaths of at least 10 people when a fire broke out in a locked-down building.

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