election fraud

Kari Lake Prepares For Legal Battle Over Fraudulent Arizona Election

Almost a full week after a brutal election in Arizona that had voters standing in line for hours only to be turned away or to have their ballots dropped into an ambiguous “door 3” box instead of being properly tabulated, the race has been called in favor of Democratic candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs leaving Republican candidate, Kari Lake, and her supporters, wondering what happened.

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Maricopa County Election Judge – Tabulator Machines Programmed To Reject Ballots

It was reported during the midterm election that tabulator machines were malfunctioning at 20 percent of the election centers in Maricopa County, Arizona prompting Republican organizations to request a 3-hour extension of the voting deadline that was rejected by the judge that heard the request at an emergency hearing. Now, an election judge, Michele Swinick, has come forward saying that she believes the machines were programmed to malfunction on election day as they worked “perfectly” when tested the night before the midterms.

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