European Ports Jammed With LNG Tankers – Driving Up Soaring LNG Prices

As winter rapidly approaches in Europe amid a crippling energy crisis, tankers carrying much-needed liquid natural gas (LNG) are causing chaos in ports. Europe’s urgent need for natural gas has caused an increase in deliveries to several European ports, but the facilities don’t have enough dock space to handle the influx of ships. It has been reported that more than 30 LNG tankers are idling off the coast of Spain waiting to gain access to one of its regasification terminals. Spain has six such import terminals – the largest amount in Europe.

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September Figures Destroy Biden’s Putin And Supply Chain Excuses For 40-Year High Inflation

Joe Biden has continuously blamed recent soaring inflation on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Prior to the invasion, Biden put the blame on issues with the country’s supply chain. With the release of September’s consumer price index data on Wednesday, Biden is finally out of excuses according to former Obama White House and Harvard economist, Jason Furman.

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