Ukraine SitRep

1/28/23 – Host L Todd Wood speaks to ‘Alex’ on the inside in Kyiv as to what is happening with American aid.

1/15/23 – Host L Todd Wood discusses the latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Lt Col “Lou” Michaels (USAF, Ret) will join; he is a former instructor at the USAF Special Operations School and Russia expert.

1/4/23 – Hosts L Todd Wood and Dan O’Shea give the latest developments from the Ukraine War, with a special appearance from reporter on the ground in Kyiv.

10/23/22 – There is massive propaganda from both sides in this Information War in the Ukrainian conflict.

‘Ukraine SitRep’ tries to bring sense to chaos. Guests of the show will have direct in-country experience and expertise.

Today Host L Todd Wood and AFP Contributor Brent Beecham discuss latest developments.

10/16/22 – Today Host L Todd Wood and AFP Editor-in-Chief Dan O’Shea discuss latest developments.

10/9/22 – Host L Todd Wood and Pete Blaber try to make sense out of the Ukraine war, and the associated Information Operation from both sides.