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IO Episode 3 – Rich Higgins Of ‘The Memo’

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Rich Higgins, former U.S. Army officer, defense contractor and advisor to President Trump on the National Security Council, describes his process to write ‘The Memo’, warning POTUS of a coup against him, for which he was fired.

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Mike Hardy October 18, 2020 at 7:12 pm

This was a great interview, thanks. I have ‘The Memo’ on order. Next time please cover globalism (e.g. UN Agenda 21 / 2030) and the pedocracy … I believe Jeff Sessions’ biggest contribution was in tackling the massive Satanic/Luciferian pedo industry. I have recently come to view communism as the political (i.e. supremacist) wing of global Luciferianism, in the same way that Islamism is the political wing of Islam. So many of these characters (Marx, Stalin, etc) were hidden-hand masons and thus Luciferian. The war is deeply ideological, so Christianity is fighting for its life here … [they] hate us! Also, I know Rich is skeptical of Q, but as PDJT’s backchannel in the infowar I think Q has done a fantastic job. ‘The Cult rules the world’ … the world really needed to read that, and the rest. These are deadly serious times, and I am in the UK and (therefore) unarmed. ThankQ you guys for leading the charge alongside PDJT, it is much appreciated.


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