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Joe Biden Is Deceiving The American People – It’s A Wrecking Operation

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Joe Biden is purposefully destroying America.

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Brian September 2, 2021 at 1:24 am

China Joe Biden took a bribe from the Chinese Communist Party while serving in the Obama administration. The first was for ordering the US Navy out of the South China Sea allowing China unfettered access to the oil and gas reserves that rival that of the fields in Saudi Arabia AWARE. The whole issue with the Clinton -Google private servers and her messaging employees thru Facebook as the cover story for the outing of the 30 agents in China. Mark Zukerberg characterized the issue as a mistake that allowed the Chinese Communist Party to hack his servers that housed information related to the identity of all CIA assets working in the Pacific Rim. This on its face is treason. The result was all 30 agents were rounded up, tortured and then executed. China Joe Biden and Obama are compromised and anyone who tells you different is likely a communist scum bucket. China Joe Biden then loads up his coke head loser bag man son and heads over to Beijing on Air Force two to pick up the money. China Joe Biden and Obummer got a little surprise. The money the Chinese loaded on Air Force two was counterfeit US Currency. The is how the rest of their Western Democracies discovered their currencies were in fact being counterfeited as well by the Chinese Communist Party and laundered thru a series of money brokers that get this include the likes of George Sorros. Think about it, the Clinton’s are from Arkansas and neither has had a real job W-2 for more than a year at any given time yet they run a billion dollar Foundation known as the Clinton Foundation. Where did the billions of dollars appear from that made two two bit dime store attorneys billionaires? Hillary has hated America her entire life. ***** so the bad guy is in his truck on his way to set off a device killing hundreds at the Kabul Airport and they can take him out with a drone and China Joe Biden orders the Air Force General to stand down. In less than an hour, 13 members of the military are dead. This same ass hat has allowed 2.8 million criminal aliens from all over the world cross the US/Mexico Border in violation of US Sovereignty. More than 230 thousand are confirmed cases of Covid yet China Joe Biden refused to detain these super spreaders and now the numbers of infected people has shot up but they brought with them these new variants called the Delta and Lambda variants. This has let to the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans that have already taken the shot. On top of all that he lectures me on wearing a dam mask like that is really going to make a difference. The ass hat should be on the phone with the President of China demanding they shut down the lab producing gain of function and Fentanyl as they are killing Americans- No, not China Joe Biden he is busy counting his money with his loser coke head son and pot head vice president. Americans are sickened every time they watch the news to learn that this clown imposture has yet again did something to undermine our country and make America less safe. He is too busy taking up airtime trying to frame all 235 million Americans they are racist bigots. Hard core members of the democrat party have thrown in the towel and even they think the imposture put in office with the aid of the Chinese Communist Party and 9 corrupt demorat run cities. China Joe Biden has done everything humanly possible to destroy our country and now even the most ardent supporters have turned on this traitor called China Joe Biden. I will introduce articles of impeachment on the first day I am sworn into office. I am firing the woke generals and preparing for all out war with China.


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