• REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured

    November 28, 2020
    REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured
    Delta Force Operators

    Lt General Thomas McInerney and Lt General Michael Flynn gave interviews to WVW Broadcasting Network today. It was Flynn's first interview since his pardon.

    In stunning testimony, McInerney stated his sources have told him U.S. Army Special Forces, possibly the famed Delta Force, raided the CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany.

    5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary; the CIA personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security, according to related news reports.

    Subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, who will be shown to have won an overwhelming victory for the American people, McInerney revealed.


    "These people have committed treason," declared McInerney. He pleaded with President Trump to not leave office until the treason is uncovered, otherwise America will be fatally wounded and ripe for takeover by our enemies.

    McInerney also stated that he believes President Trump knew the steal was coming, hence his executive order issued for sanctions for interference in our elections by foreign powers.

    According to his bio, McInerney was a forward air controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four tours of duty. In other words, a patriot and trustworthy.

    Reports are now circulating that General Flynn is involved in helping the President with a private intelligence operation.

    You can listen to the interview here. McInerney is in the second half of the interview.

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    Release the Kraken

    This is a very confusing story that I've been following for weeks. Chris Miller took over as the head of the DoD November 9th, on November 13th this raid happened in Germany. Rep. Louie Gohmert reported the raid on The CIA.
    Rep. Louie Gohmert spoke at the Million MAGA March on the 14th and said that the white hats did not receive the server. Then when Powell, Giuliani and Ellis did their presser last week, Sydney Powell was asked about who got the server and she wasn't sure who had possession of it. On Tuesday the red pill project had guest retired major Jeffrey prather tell of how the white hats did indeed have possession of the server. https://youtu.be/4iPysEQhlhg

    P. S. I just tried posting this through a Chrome browser and received an error message, so now I'm posting through Duck Duck Go. I wonder if the name Release the Kraken had anything to do with it?

    Release the Kraken

    Not once in any of these reportings was it mentioned that anybody was killed. but I'm not sure why we're getting mixed signals upon who's in possession of the server.

    kevin ryan

    God in Heaven, I hope this story is true. We have had so much corruption that it goes up and down in our government, that I am afraid that Civil War will be the only way to take back our Republic. If this story is true then God help the traitors, but that will not happen, because the traitors do not believe in God.


    I DID NOT mean to check YES and I was trying to arrow back to correct it. My answer to the question is a big fat "NO" matter-a-fact he should be arrested for ALL THE INTERNATIONAL LIES to the American people & MOST IMPORTANTLY TO THE POTUS.


    I DID NOT mean to check YES and I was trying to arrow back to correct it. My answer to the question is a big fat "NO" matter-a-fact he should be arrested for ALL THE INTERNATIONAL LIES to the American people & MOST IMPORTANTLY TO THE POTUS.

    John Galt

    In all probability this site is an AM being run by the FSB. Consume at your own risk.

    Michael Grogan

    So, that means our soldiers were killed by CIA contractors protecting evidence of massive foreign interference in our election, changing the results to someone known to be a Chinese compromised criminal? Sounds like insurrection. The military should be used to round up and shut down the CIA, since they killed our troops, and our troops should be hopping mad and ready to do it. Why isn't that happening right now?!


    Lord woman, you don't even know where you are.

    Emil Carstens

    More raid details, though not the complete story, are on a link on liberty daily.com and it links to a CDMedia article. It said that 5 soldiers died as a result of forced entry to a CIA server farm, in Germany. I think a CIA person was killed. If true, WOW!

    Charles Lee Ray

    If this is factual, and it was a server farm operated by the CIA, that means our own troops were kiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, who was involved in a covert operation designed to overthrow the President of the United States. IF that's the case, the CIA should be immediately purged of all traitors, who should face a firing squad.

    Ira Kozak

    President Trump’s security team is in possession of the server now.

    Patience is going to be the path to truth and justice.

    Evidence condemning the Traitors including those at the top is vital to the ending this reign of terrorism.


    And this is different from the coup against President Kennedy? ( CIA/mafia/LBJ hired hitman)
    How? It was easy for the Dems then so they used it again.


    I find this pretty hard to believe. No mention of it on Reuters or BBC. This should be a giant news story in Europe. I've also seen no mention on US news outlet and not all of them are controlled by the DNC.


    In the interview, Lt. General McInerney confirms that a U.S. military soldier was killed in the CIA operation. Also confirmation that Brennan and Clapper were involved in the procurement of The Hammer.


    I hope the government has frozen all bank accounts and confiscated the passports of Soros, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, McCabe, Strozk, and the rest of the major Traitors.

    Apex Predator

    This is a National Inquirer level tabloid headline and should really be removed. US Special Forces are NOT in the business of attacking US assets CIA or otherwise. Really guys? This is farcical and lame please stop...



    Why are you still relying on Fake News who have been exposed repeatedly to spew propaganda and lies for the purpose of misinforming you?

    John Whitworth

    If 2 3 Star Generals say it happened...then I am inclined to believe the story. … The thing of it is..I have been let down SO MANY TIMES BEFORE .. it is hard to know what to believe anymore...Trump needs a Hail Mary....so this might be the last gasp chance

    Do not buy into BS

    This is a BS story. Don't buy into it. Servers these days are rarely physical, they are rather virtual often spreed over multiple data centers across multiple geographic regions. They could have been seized with a court order and click of a mouse. Additionally if there was a fire-fight in a city like Frankfurt were at least 5 operators died - that would be all over news regardless if some servers got seized or not.

    Joseph Kirkup

    A gunfight between the CIA and Delta. Yeah, right. Now you know why the libs think we are so stupid.

    Vic Anderson

    This is Full G0BDEM C0UP-Supression of 0ur Armed Forces over a rogue CIA, Volks !


    Virtual servers are still hosted on real, physical servers. Whether there's a layer of virtualization -- or multiple -- involved is irrelevant. The data still lives somewhere and the processing still occurs on bare silicon somewhere.

    That doesn't mean I believe any of the rest of the story, but VM's and containers eventually run on bare metal. Everything in between the electrons and the screen is a layer of indirection.


    CIA are heroin traffickers...Afghanistan is their garden ...Brennan et al are dope dealing thugs... none are patriots... Barry and the Boys... a tell all book that names names


    So the first blood has been spilled in a new civil war? It's not a, "oh there might be war" anymore. The shit is getting real. This isn't some leftist goons fighting with police or with patriots on the streets. This is 2 US branches, one is military and other part of the agency involved in the last 2 coup attempts since Trump first stated running for office.

    Do not buy into BS

    Yes, virtual servers run on a bare metal, but finding the servers that are hosting the virtual servers in question will be challenging as those bits are likely spread across multiple type of physical servers. Now imagine finding the right servers in a sea of servers and collecting these under duress? More over that same bare metal likely is hosting services belonging to other companies, so the impact would have been greater than just limited to dominion.

    US election data might have hosted on servers in Frankfurt, it is a rather common business practice to spread servers and data across the globe for various reasons , especially if you are multinational. So that part of the story is thru, but rest of this story is nonsense.

    Again, if US government wanted to collect these servers they could have done it with a court order and click of a mouse from anywhere in the world. Or they could have found someone with admin access to the servers and or data center and collected them with click of a mouse.


    Dumb story. Which 5 soldiers killed: Army or CIA? This story is as clear as mud....


    To those who think real physical servers no longer exist and everything is now on “the cloud”. Total BS! Real physical servers DO exist either in solo, in a small cluster, or can be a whole “server farm” behind a firewall. Dell, HP, and a number of other manufacturers sell servers (go to their business web sites if you don’t believe it). They are almost always installed in a server rack, can be unscrewed and disconnected, and can be hauled away (most servers are about the size of a full size desktop computer). So please, don’t say stuff here that you don’t really know anything about! Federal IT Specialist for 40 years.


    "They could have been seized with a court order " Yes deep state CIA will freely hand out the server to a court that proof election fraud! sure! And the same guy wrote we should not believe this BS story. What a joke.

    Mic J Palazzolo

    CIA...A festering cesspool of sedition, treason, and corruption.
    Sycophants of the technocratic collectivists (global megalomaniac
    social engineers) aka, The Deep State. What a detriment to We the
    People of the United States. Gina Haspel is likely behind this.


    I just want to know one thing: these feckless dumb-a$$es at Fox News can call AZ hours before the thought crossed anyone's mind, being altogether prescient the way they are, but not a peep about an internationally exploding story-line (true or not, almost doesn't matter, the circumstances are overwhelming at this point, AND THIS HAS TO GET RUN TO GROUND) that has the gravest consequences for all of us. Oh GD-it, if anything shows how gutless and worthless Fox has become, this one particular episode does, more than anything else. The idea that CIA contractors would murder US servicemen in the line of duty IS SO FAR OVER THE TOP that all of us must pound the doors until this is all revealed. No more games. If Hannity or whoever might be still there that has/had a brain, then this is THE story of the whole season. WHY CAN'T THEY COVER IT!?!?

    Do not buy into BS

    No one said that physical servers do not exist, they do they the hardware that everything is running on, however it is not common that business dedicate physical servers to specific function especial whey they are run in someones else data center in part due to the costs associated with dedicated resources, but because also everything else gets more difficult . I will admit that US election data could have been hosted on dedicated physical servers in a third party data centers, however if that was the case my arguments still stand. If 5 lifes were lost to obtain this data someone should at minimum lose their jobs as there would have been easier ways to obtain that data.

    @RAFO, I admire you on your 40 years of experience in Federal IT, but if I where you I would be looking to learn how cloud works as for better or worse federal government is reportedly moving to the cloud

    @gieszkanne, idea that one US agency took military action against another US agency on a foreign soil by attacking privately owned data center without obtaining permission from German government is pure nonsense, and to do so they would had get State Deportment involved, and if that happened they could have also obtained court order.


    @Do not buy into BS, even cloud servers are generally hosted in a particular region and are given some dedicated hardware within that region to run on. Let's take AWS as a case in point. You reserve either SSD or magnetic storage as volumes, and you can request dedicated cycles if you want. If I want to transfer an AMI from one region to another(say, us-west-2 to us-east-1), I literally have to copy it over before I can instantiate it there. Yes, it can all be done with a GUI or API calls, but that depends on access to the interface.

    Getting access to that interface, and its own existence, comes with its own large suite of problems(such as Amazon itself having full access to the machines, other than possibly lacking an SSH key, though I'd bet they have their backdoors) and plenty of forewarning to anyone who would want to delete or manipulate the hosting environment.

    Court orders and injunctions have meant nothing to this crowd. Look at how the FBI completely screwed over the FISA court with material lies and poorly filed requests as documented in the Horowitz report and subsequent revelations about the FBI knowing it was peddling false information. I have no reason to believe that the CIA would be any more pliant or compliant.

    Again, I take no stance on whether these allegations are true or false, but I similarly would dispute a claim that a court order would have been more efficacious. It would have been forewarning, which is something that anyone who wanted to actually obtain the data would want to avoid at all costs, and thus obtaining the bare metal may have been considered the more actionable route, even with the inevitability of bloodshed.


    By the courts not taking the legal challenges put forward by President Trump's team, the courts are saying it is perfectly fine for the fascist democRAT-Communist party to systematically commit TREASON.

    Do not buy into BS

    @Magwitch - all valid points, but as you know unless you lease dedicated servers, your storage will not be hosted on the same server your Virtual server resides on, more over even whey you pay for "SSD" storage you are paying for SSD performance and not necessarily a particular SSD, and as you probably know these data bits where likely encrypted with the key held by the data center operator...

    OK, lets overlook why the fact that US SPY agency was providing physical security to a data center in Frankfurt and that these CIA operators where so so skilled to eliminate 5 members of a Delta force team (as suggested by the article above) this could have been all for nothing as only fool would have not encrypted their data at rest. There are easier ways to get this accomplished using data center management tools than identifying and grabbing servers under live fire....

    This story is just out there on the fringe, and I rather be proven wrong then propagating story that could have been a good plot-line for a Clancy novel.


    @Do not buy into BS, you know, Rainbow Six has done pretty well as a gaming franchise.


    @Do not buy into BS
    Thats why its better to not listen to you!
    Man do your realy believe in what you wrote? You have a very naive mind! Do you think the NSA asked Merkel for permission before they wiretap her mobile phone. Do you know that the CIA use "privat" companys ?! Do you think that germany could kick out US military or is sovereign. You are so ridiculous! You have no clue at all!


    Pretty bad that an agency we fund kills American soldiers, the cia needs to go


    Can someone confirm this? I know Rep and Judge Louie Gohmert mentioned this almost 3 weeks ago. A Judge seldom lies about such things. Politician... that is another matter.


    This is so bogus. Only the gullible buy into this shit.


    @donotbuyintobs You are absolutely right! CIA spies, not provides security.


    U.S. Special Forces fighting the CIA? This should be the story of the Century. Unless there's more proof, total nonsense.


    You can send Trump EMails here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/#page

    Or Fax The Congress

    Or use this letter which is good.


    Please help John Carman!

    From: Daniel Wiberg
    To: Devin Nunes
    Subj: Compensation for injury, earned retirement for civil service and earned social security for Secret Service and U.S. Customs Agent John A Carman, Customs badge number #22201.

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter on behalf of a dedicated Federal Law Enforcement official John A Carman who performed above and beyond the normal call of duty and has suffered greatly for performing his sworn duty and reporting instances of corruption and Human Trafficking by high ranking Customs officials in the U.S. Customs Service.

    Everything that Mr. Carman reported in the past has fallen on "deaf ears" in the proper chain of command and that includes Members of Congress the Senate and Judiciary committees who are specifically responsible for such jurisdictions.
    It is obvious that some members our government are corrupt and there is specific evidence of cover-ups by government officials refusing to take action. Which is a violation of Federal laws like 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony and punishable under the law.

    Mr. Carman has government service in law enforcement positions as far back as 1974 serving in U.S. Secret Service, (Washington D.C. & White House 3.1 years) U.S. Mint Police (10 months-San Francisco) and U.S. Customs Service (1983-1998) 15 years. He has received serious death threats and continued to receive them.

    Item: Mr. Carman received death threats as early as 1985 after a large heroin seizure in which a U.S. Customs Service Supervisor named Honorio Garcia gave the Mexican Brown Tar Heroin he seized to Mexican Narcotics agents in Mexicali. (1985 11 ounces on a Mexican National Border crosser) He later received a Commissioner's Award along with several other awards.

    Item: Mr. Carman received death threats on his unlisted telephone answering machine of which copies were turned over to Customs Internal Affairs, Washington D.C. as the local Internal Affairs failed to take any action under 18 USC 201(Bribery).

    These were not the first death threats Mr. Carman received, later on more death threats occurred when Mr. Carman reported more acts of bribery and corruption to Internal Affairs. Yet no action was taken.

    Among the many other allegations, Mr. Carman made, one regarding a case of bribery Customs District Director, John Heinrich who received over $250,000.00 in violation of 18 USC 201 and National Security violations. The overflight list of 167 Mexican nationals allowed to fly into the United States without a Customs or Immigration inspection in the U.S. (Violation of 8 USC 1324)

    The list of violations is covers 15 years, too long to list here.
    That information has previously been turned over to a U.S. Attorney in San Diego. Amalia Meza and FBI agent Greg Harmon with the original and now returned 2 Inch 8.5 x 11" binder.(1996) nothing was done.

    Retired U.S. Customs SAIC agent named Miguel Contreras supported and confirmed Mr. Carma’s' allegations saying they "were ALL correct". Still no investigation took place.

    Mr. Carman received and continues to receive death threats a violation of 18 USC 111 and 115(a)(2). Mr. Carman was forced to leave his career in U.S. Customs in order to keep his Family Safe. (1998)

    He reported events to other agencies like the local Department of Justice FBI and U.S. Attorney's office (Amalia Meza, Greg Harmon-FBI) and gave them a 2 in thick binder of documentation which was never investigated.
    He also attended a conference call with Attorney General John C. Keeney and FBI Agent Greg Harmon and U.S. Attorney Amalia Meza (Now a Federal Judge) in 1995.

    Mr. Carman was denied protection and told "unless he was "being shot at with bullets". (Quote by AG Keeney (deceased)

    These are only a few of the highlights of Mr. Carman's case as reported to the Customs Commissioners William Von Rabb, Carol Hallet and George Wise.
    Mr. Carman is a highly decorated agent, but Customs Supervisors/Internal Affairs apparently "lost" his Personnel Jacket 7-B folder. (Customs officials lied) As David Mark Conrad former U.S. Customs Internal Affairs Commissioner confirmed it.

    Mr. Carman is attempting to receive retirement compensation for doing his job reportin

    Flaco ElGuapo

    MagWitch, You have far greater patience and knowledge than I. I respect your effort to educate Mr. Buying-the BS, sent from the CHINESE CCP. He seems to have a distinctive foreign accent in in his writing. On a positive note, you have educated patriots committed to defeating enemies both foreign and domestic. Thank You!


    Actually, he said that he was trying to VERIFY the 5 KIA report. You probably shouldn't go around reporting that until it is.


    I listened to the interview. McInnerny did not say 5 soldiers killed. He said it was reported that soldiers were killed but backed off as that fact was not confirmed


    I find it very hard to believe that this happened. For one thing the last thing you would do would be to put a picture of Delta Force's soldiers out there for the whole world to see. Secondly, it never really says if the the soldiers killed were from the Delta Force or those defending the servers. On the plus side nothing the CIA is involved in would surprise me. Think of Mr. Snowden's revelations from years ago. But even with that said I still don't believe it happened.

    Nobodys Fool

    There is a great series listed on Brighteon that outlines the operation currently underway to drain the swamp as-promised and restore the power of the American republic back into the hands of the people where it belongs. If successful, Donald Trump will have been one of the greatest Presidents and maybe THE most remarkable in American history. First the declaration of state of emergency that names the enemy which includes big tech and the media as well as government officials. Then he gives DoD certain covert operations authority usually reserved by the CIA. Then - while the enemies back home are all focused on the lawsuits having to do with bottom-feeder level fraud (ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, not following due process, etc etc) and trying to make us all agree that Trump should concede, the DoD seizes these kraken servers in various countries - kraken being a CIA program used to monitor systems and rig elections all over the world. In Frankfurt those servers were located at a CIA facility that was defended by CIA trained militants (from Afghanistan I believe). 5 DoD and 1 CIA and who knows who else dead, Gina Haspel rumored to be injured in the firefight. But wait it gets better. Then Trump pulls us out of the “open skies” treaty or whatever, and there’s a guy who I believe used to work for NASA who claims he sees evidence of these military flights taking place around the US that are the kind of planes used for special interrogations possibly involving gitmo style torture. Trump replaces all these DoD and DHS swamp rats and replaces them with patriots. And pardons Flynn (who is likely along w Powell part of Trump’s PRIVATE, not “official” intelligence group. Next we hear that the methods of federal executions have been expanded to include firing squads and hangings. It sounds to me like Trump has been expecting and planning for this election fraud for at least 2 years and right now could very well have everything he needs (including maybe Gina Haspel in a torture cell) to prove whatever he needs to prove about who is rigging elections and how, and who got paid, and who’s going to jail or maybe to the firing squad. Furthermore the president also has constitutional authority to outright deny states who are “guilty of insurrection.” I’m not sure what the criteria would be for making that call, but besides attempting to undermine national security by committing election fraud, we also have several states in the past year have outright refused to protect their law-abiding taxpaying citizens from communist violent angry mobs. It sounds like he doesn’t even necessarily NEED the Giuliani/Ellis lawsuits to succeed, necessarily, to overturn the election results, however it’s a good way to wake people up to the fact that there WAS fraud of many kinds, and it also keeps the enemies AND the public “distracted” while the rest of this all plays out.

    Marcus W

    Well it's an exciting story but 6 killed. That must have been a big fight then. If so this must have been noticed by some people around this place. Where are all their testimonies. I do hope that the story about the seizing of real and valuable data is true and that this can be used by the good guys to prove the real results.

    Robert Rynes

    Hope that ALL this hits the media and somehow isn't squashed!!!! Ray Charles seen what the democraps and there socialist counterparts did to win the election!!! Creepy Uncle Joe knew that the fix wasin,,,, that's why he hardly campaigned!!!!!!!
    If President Trump does not prove that the demorats cheated and stole the presidency America is doomed!!!!! Ray Charles can see that too!!!!!


    @Flaco ElGuapo, honored to share a little bit of what I know. Muchas gracias por leer y tus cumplidos. Que le vaya bien!

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