“Fernando Cerimedo Describes Wide Ranging Fraud In Brazil And Does In-Depth Videos In Multiple Languages To Show World”

December 12, 2022
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Edited by CDM Contributor Matthew Tyrmand 

Below is the English language synopsis of Argentinian forensic analyst Fernando Cerimedo given to Contributor Matthew Tyrmand to edit and publish at CDM non exclusively. Please share widely.


The Brazilian election is purely electronic with no paper ballots. The Electorial High Court (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral or TSE) imposed this system in 1996 and since then, the public vote counting was surpressed, turning the Brazilian elections into a black box.

The TSE has the sole responsibility of administering and overseeing the elections in Brazil, and is in itself the planner, the executor, the auditor and the judge of its own merits.

What is important to highlight is the fact that the TSE has delegated the majority part of the execution of our elections to other parties through partnerships, bids and direct contracts.

The choice of the system of electronic voting inserts into the process multiple other actors subjected to less the robust transparency elections require. From the making of the electronic ballots boxes, the building of the voters database and its secure storage, the voting program, the hiring of over ten thousand ballots technicians, the set up of over 500.000 electronic ballots machines (known as “urns” in Brazil), the individual authorization to vote, the closing of electronic ballot boxes , the technical support, the wireless transmission of the ballots results via the internet and satellite, and even the counting of the results. None of these parts of the process have any transparency built into them.

Whoever goes one step deeper into this system, must know that in all the processes above mentioned, anyone with proper access can rig an election, with the ensuing more or less broad consequences.

To start with, each machine corresponds to one voting room and it demands at least three civilians to operationalize during Election Day. This means a million and a half people who have access and unsupervised control of a voting machine that leaves no paper track of the voting and no possibility of accountability.

For instance, an audit on the machines in 2014 by the political party PSDB, that lost the elections to Dilma and Lula's Workers Party, showed that anyone with access to components like the BIOS or the MDI of the machines could introduce variations on the programs. You do not need to know what those components are, it is just important to know that, at least in 2014, the TSE had neither the property nor the control over these systems. They belonged to DIEBOLD Inc.

A federal investigation in 2014 headed by Protogenes Queiroz, a former Congressman and Federal Police Officer led him to an engineer working at the headquarters of DIEBOLD. According to Queiroz, the engineer even showed him how the fraud worked and how it transferred votes from one candidate to another. The engineer confessed frauding Protogenes votes, the elections of governors and even the presidential election. But the federal officer Protogenes Queiroz found was persecuted by his superiors, lost his position in the Federal Police, was prosecuted and had to demand political refuge in Switzerland.

It is important to highlight that whoever controls the voter’s database, controls the authorization to vote. There are many complaints of voters who were unable to vote in 2022 because their votes were already registered by the electronic voting system. Many dead people also voted and in dozens of cities, there were more voters than inhabitants. This is only possible if someone is operating the voter biometric database.

There are proofs that the TSE closed a partnership with SERPRO, a public systems company, to manage this database. However, Serpro transferred this database to ORACLE Corporation through a contract. ORACLE Corporation also manages the platform, in which more than 80.000 government services are available. Going deeper into the rabbit hole, we discovered that the machine used to identify the voter's fingerprints is also an ORACLE device.

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that ORACLE could have access to all voter's identities and data. Additionally, all these partnerships went on without a public bid, for "unenforceability", as the ORACLE products were already insert in the bid demand.

As Minister Barroso, from the Judicial High Court and President of the TSE in 2020 declared: “We chose ORACLE because only ORACLE had the ORACLE CLOUD”.

One would not be suspicious of anything unless ORACLE was not fined in September 2022 by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), in the United States, for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Turkey, India and United Arab Emirates, bribing agents to include ORACLE products in public biddings, making ORACLE products obligatory on those projects.

This access to the Brazilian voters’ database is even more valuable to ORACLE and to perpetrating fraud if we consider two factors:

1) Computer experts from the Brazilian Federal Police affirmed that they were able to uncover the order of the votes. Together with the fingerprint recognition machine's logs which keep the order of identification of voters and “releases the machine to vote”, it is possible to conclude that the vote privacy could have been corrupted.

2) ORACLE was accused in an American court in August 2022, of illegally accessing the data of its products users, which amount to over 5 billion people worldwide, for purposes of “vigilance” and to sell this data in the marketplace to benefit ORACLE.

Nonetheless, the collaboration of ORACLE with the Brazilian Elections do not stop on this fundamental process of voter's authorization and biometric data access.

Brazilians better know ORACLE as the company who counts up the votes in record time, and declares the winners of the very suspicious Brazilian elections. This partnership with the TSE has been going on at least since 2002, though both parties insist that they are together since 1996, the year the electronic voting system started in Brazil.

The TSE hired the ORACLE Corporation and its "supercomputers" for millions of dollars to work only two days every two years. According to the TSE, ORACLE's sole purpose is to work as a datacenter to storage the 500.000 ballot boxes results. For that, ORACLE provides to the TSE a system that has the character of mirroring the TSE IP number, with virtual computers in it, a private internet network called "Regions" that reaches tens of miles, the ability of generating reports and a system that can be controlled by long-distance access.

The technology offered is way beyond the demand of the contract.

Despite the constant affirmation of the TSE that the tribunal internal programs process raw data and that it is the sole responsibility for the counting of results, it never provided a transparent audit of the counting program as it is supposedly inside the super secret "source code", with 17 million coding lines. In addition, an audit was never made to certify the existence of 500.000 physical voting sections spread throughout the country.

It is worth noticing that anyone with access to the program can alter a line or two of its 17 million code lines and change expressively the results. Over 60% of the code programming is outsourced. In fact, a recent study led by the Instituto Voto Legal, affirms that the TSE's programming process offers only 5% of security according to international standards.

As per the access to machines and peripherals, like the flashcards used to program the machines or to register the results, over ten thousand people are temporarily hired to do the job of setting up the electronic ballot “urns”, transport and install them, test them, and service them during elections days.

These temporary workers hired by the hundreds by contractors such as INDRA, Engetec, Atlântica, Seres and SMARTMATIC, just to mention some of them, have also access to the TSE private telecommunication system to transmit the results through satellite.

Initiatives like the movie Hacking Democracy or the University of Princeton Report showed us back in 2004, how easy it is to hack a machine with only the access to the flashcards. In addition, the fact of the existence in the library of the hypersecret TSE source code, an executable program called INSERATOR that bypasses the security walls of the code, by certifying non official programs, and in this way, there is a new tool to commit fraud in this process. The pen drives are available to thousands of temporary workers and companies with access to each machines in the country.

SMARTMATIC, the eternal usual suspect of election frauds, is one of these companies linked to the electronic ballots machines that have been sweeping out democracies throughout the world. Founded by Venezuelans trying to disguise themselves as an American company, it was acquired in 2014 by Sir Malloch Brown, today CEO of the Open Society Foundation. Now its heads get to wear white glove to have tea at Buckingham Palace but its success originated in the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chavez.

According to the TSE, SMARTMATIC only worked in the Brazilian Elections of 2012 and 2014, hiring the technicians to set up the machines and providing satellite transmission for the TSE.

In 2013 SMARTMATIC “ousted” INDRA from the Maduro's election in Venezuela, for that INDRA happily received a compensation of 150 million dollars to leave in silence. In this election in Venezuela, a former general (Peñaloza, chief of the Venezuelan army in 2000) and two engineers made statement that SMARTMATIC had put up in place a system joining Intranet and Telematics (telecommunication and informatics) to fraud electronic ballots. This scheme could observe, change and resend the desired results to the SMARTMATIC voting machines in real time, before the results were printed and sent to the central counting system. This system was created in Cuba for the Foro de São Paulo, and its first test was in Venezuela 2013.

In the following year, 2014, the Brazilian presidential election of Dilma and Aécio showed a 74% Benford Law inconsistencies, and a pattern of minute by minute results that challenged any possibility of not being tampered with by external control.

For the first half of the counting, Dilma started losing to Aécio with a gap of almost 40 points. It broke even at exactly 49.9% of the counting time to surpass her opponent and then, Dilma took an advantage of 1.5 percent over Aécio. This advantage of 3 points stayed fixed for the other 241 minutes.

The only difference in Brazil was that in 2014, the machines were not SMARTMATIC but DIEBOLD, and INDRA was a big new player in these elections, also hiring temporary electronic ballots technicians. But there are affidavits that INDRA's CEO in Brazil, EMÍLIO DIAS, was "offering" to politicians a system with Intranet and Telematics that could have access to votes in real time and provide their desired results for the elections.

One cannot ignore the similarity with SMARTMATIC in Venezuela. INDRAheadquarters in 2014 were located in Salvador, Bahia State, under the government of JACQUES WAGNER and the elections of RUI COSTA, both from the Worker’s Party.

In 2015 BOLSONARO, back then an isolated Congressman, fighting communism in Brazil, said publicly that DILMA ROUSSEF proposed in Quito, Peru, a joint venture of electoral systems to win elections across all Latin America.

An almost dying JAIR BOLSONARO, bedded in the hospital after being stabbed in 2018, said: "The FORO OF SÃO PAULO found its way to power:the electronic voting machines".

The FORO DE SAO PAULO is a political leftist organization, with hundreds of associates among governments, NGOs, even criminal organizations like the FARCS in Colombia.

Founded by FIDEL CASTRO and LULA over 20 years ago, it aims at leftist Marxist political dominance across Latin America and the build of a “BIG MOTHERLAND”. A single South American continent wide mega nation under one government.

INDRA is a mysterious company in this universe. It is one of the biggest military companies in the world, and it is a State Company from Spain. Actually, INDRA is the Spanish government’s crown jewel. It provides border surveillance with satellites, systems for military airplanes and tanks, air control, tactical terminals, among other devices, while providing tables and chairs for electoral sections in Angola, where, in 2018, they also printed two times more ballots than voters and bought two times more official electoral memory cards in 2018. INDRA never justified what it did with the excess that was left over.

One must consider that Spain is led by leftists since at least 2012, and its Prime Minister today, PEDRO SANCHEZ, was met with by GEORGE SOROS in person in at least 8 official meetings of the government at the beginning of the SANCHEZ mandate.

In January 2022, Sanchez received the candidate LULA as if he was already elected, and promised to join political efforts with LULA's new mandate in 2023.

In Colombia 2022, INDRA supplied the software that added up the votes and millions of votes were "lost" in between the public counting on the tables and the results gathered by INDRA. Before the elections, PETRO was spotted in Spain with INDRA executives.

INDRA was also accused of corruption of election officials in both countries, besides the many accusations of corruption in places like Spain, Argentina, Equador, El Salvador, among other countries.

Nonetheless this possibility of Telematics fraud is refused by the TSE, which affirms vehemently that the machines are not connected to internet.

One should recall that in 2004, DIEBOLD was already selling wireless connected machines and that the memory cards, or flashcards for all machines in Brazil were DIEBOLD and recently Apacer.Both are pioneer companies in pen drives with wireless connections.

It is also worth noting that ORACLE, DIEBOLDand INDRA are close business associates throughout the world, to the point of joining offices and human resources departments.

The TSE never allowed this “cartel” to be challenged.

Instead, in the elections of 2022, the TSE brought other big tech concerns to join forces to elect the candidate of its preference.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Tik Tok, all complied with the mission of persecute and censor the Brazilian citizens who might dare to question the electoral system or the orders of the TSE CEO, the Supreme High Court Minister ALEXANDRE DE MORAES.

Another highly controversial issue under censorship was the support of BOLSONARO and anything related to right wing political discussion topics.

It is important to note that the composition of the TSE and the SUPREME COURT are almost the same, as the same eleven SUPREME COURT Ministers make rounds in between both tribunals. Therefore, someone censored or even imprisoned for crimes of opinion against the electoral system has no one to ask for redress or fair process adjudication under constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.

What we saw in 2022 was a full-scale attack on Brazilian sovereignty by internal and external enemies. It was a CYBER ATTACK allied to a complex SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

Laws were suppressed, narratives were cancelled and imposed, and freedom was repressed. We come to live in a dictatorship of the Judiciary that overtook Brazil by force of election frauds under a CYBER WAR, which includes the manipulation of the system of electronic ballots machines.

Its sole objective is to establish a communist regime under the disguise of a democratic election.

Although we suffered a major blow when the National Security Act was revoked by the SUPREME COURT, we can still call the law14.197 from the 1st September 2021 on the CRIMES AGAINST SOVEREINTY and the following articles:

Art. 359-I. Make deals with government or foreigner group, or its agents, with the objective of provoking against the country typical acts of WAR, or to invade it.

Art. 359-K. Deliver to a foreign country, to its agents, or to a criminal foreign organization, in contradiction to legal or ruling determination, any secret or ultra secret document or classified information, which revelation could put in danger THE PRESERVATION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER OR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

§ 3º Facilitating the commission of any of the crimes set forth in this article by assigning, providing or lending passwords, or any other FORM OF ACCESS FOR UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

Brazil has one of the largest codes of laws in the world, but unfortunately, this is of no use when justice is corrupted.

Our people have now been in the streets for 40 days, imploring PRESIDENT JAIR MESSIAS BOLSONARO, the President of Brazil and the Commander In Chief of our Army, to confront this CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION in defense of our Country, our Democracy, and our Sovereignty. For this, only he and through him, any action can be declared. The hope of a free country depends only on a signature on a piece of paper.

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Matt Tyrmand

Matthew Tyrmand is an investigative and editorial political journalist who splits time between the USA and Europe (given his Polish American roots). He has worked on corruption investigations, electoral analysis, forensic auditing the public sector and serves on the boards and in the management of several of the top American journalist and activist organizations. He is often seen across American and European media and is a frequent guest on Bannon’s WarRoom and Polish television (TVP World).
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