• ElectionWatch 2024 - "CNN’s Decision To Keep RFK, Jr. Off Its Debate Stage Reeks of Corrosive Journalism,” states Christine Dolan, CNN's Former Political Director 

    June 26, 2024
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    "Could CNN CEO Mark Thompson's family history have contributed to the network's biased decision?"

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    CNN’s announcement last Thursday that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK, Jr.) "does not qualify” to be on the network’s June 27 2024 presidential debate stage is not based on the bricks of presidential campaign debate history. The Biden campaign had already decided that Biden was not going to debate RFK, Jr. in a letter to the Presidential Debate Committee in mid-May. 

    CNN's decision reeks of corrosive journalism. Why would the network brass go along with the presidential campaigns' efforts to usurp the four Presidential Debate Commission's scheduled events in the fall and concoct a criteria to keep RFK,Jr. off the debate stage that may very well violate Federal Election Commission (FEC) law?

    Could this decision be over more censorship of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his call for safety trials for vaccinations?

    If there were any doubt before covid-19 about Kennedy's warning about vaccinations, there should be no doubt that this country needs a Vaccination Commission on Safety. 

    Joe Biden has been the most vocal PHARMA pimp to ever serve in the Oval Office, whether it be over Covid-19 shots or targeting children for gender transitions. His administration has abdicated its responsibility by not recognizing the neurological and vascular injuries connected to the Covid-19 shots, which the U.S. government has known about since at least January 2021 from Covid vaccinated injured.  

    But, more germane to CNN could be its leadership be biased?

    What are the chances of being open-minded to any discussion about Covid-19 if your daughter is a doctor and when she was married in 2022, everyone in attendance was required to be vaccinated

    CNN's CEO Sir Mark Thompson and his family's are directly connected to the hepatitis B virus and a hepatitis B vaccination. Thompson's late father-in-law won a Nobel Prize for Hepatitis B in 1976.

    Thompson’s wife is the daughter of Baruch “Barry” Samuel Blumberg, according to the New Yorker.

    Blumberg was an "American physician, geneticist, and co-recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on hepatitis B virus while an investigator at the National Institute of Health and at the Fox Chase Center," as described by Nobel Prize archives. 

    "Four years after discovering the hepatitis B virus, Drs. Blumberg and Millman developed the first hepatitis B vaccine, which was initially a heat-treated form of the virus," reads the Hepatitus Foundation website. 

    Blumberg wrote his own history for the Nobel Prize archives. 

    In this Nobel Prize archive interview, "Blumberg discussed his book 'The Hunt for a Killer Virus' and the path that led to the development of the Hepatitis B vaccine (32:53), the interesting sequela of the research on Hepatitis B regarding gender choice in foetuses (52:40), and his later work for NASA and as Master of Balliol College, Oxford." 

    "In 1969, when we first invented the vaccine, there was little faith in the hepatitis community or among the pharmaceutical companies that we had identified the virus - much less produced, by a totally unconventional method, a vaccine that would be practical and economically profitable, write Blumberg in his book, The Hunt for a Killer Virus on page 139. 

    The National Library of Medicine archives' file on Blumberg can be read here.

    Kennedy has been calling for vaccination safety studies for years.  Hepatitis B has not always been on the U.S. childhood vaccination schedule, but doctors, scientists, lawyers and the public have questioned its requirement overtime.

    Kennedy's position has been consistent calling out the collusion and corruption within the PHARMA industry and across federal agencies that were created to regulate the industry. He has called out their complicit denials of corruption within its own ranks and the insidious corruption of medical boards, which have censored doctors who disagree with policies that harm their patients. Kennedy has raised the red flag on the Gain of Function as we have at CDM

    Mary Holland is an accomplished lawyer, who is president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense. She has been writing and advocating for better vaccine law and policy for decades. She served on the faculty at NYU School of Law from 2002-19. She has co-authored two books on vaccines, “Vaccine Epidemic” and “The HPV Vaccine on Trial," and written several law review articles. I read both of them and many more books about PHARMA over the course of the last four years. 

    Holland's legal review article for the Yale University's legal journal is about the Hepatitis B vaccination. 

    Even Bill Ackman, who hails from Wall Street and recently took on Harvard over its response to pro-Hamas demonstrations on campus, and subsequently pulled his donations, has raised his concern about hepatitis B vaccines on his own X account

    Mark Thompson, CNN’s CEO, is new to the network, but not to the industry. CNN hired him in 2023. He jumped from New York Times where he served as captain of that ship after he had been captain of the ships at BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. 

    His career has not been without public criticism though even down to an allegation of biting a news colleague decades ago, which is bizarre in and of itself. 

    When Thompson was editor of BBC's flagship nightly Nine O'Clock News, Thompson “sank his teeth into the arm of a colleague,”reported The Guardian

    "It was late summer or early autumn of 1988 when he [Thompson] was the newly appointed editor of the Nine O'Clock News, and I was a home news organiser. It was 9.15 in the morning, in the middle of the old sixth floor newsroom. I went up to his desk to talk about some story after the 9.00 meeting _ I was standing next to him on his right, and he was sitting reading his horoscope in the Daily Star (I always remember that detail).

    "Before I could say a word he suddenly turned, snarled, and sank his teeth into my left upper arm (leaving marks through the shirt, but not drawing blood). It hurt. I pulled my arm out of his jaws, like a stick out of the jaws of a labrador,” wrote the producer, Anthony Massey at the time when the BBC was about to interview Thompson reported the Guardian. 

    During a 2009 BBC crisis as captain of that ship, Thompson was accused of running an “amoral organization,” and presiding “over the Corporation's slide into the broadcasting gutter,” reported the UK Daily Mail in 2008

    Legendary filmmaker Tony Palmer called Thompson a “catastrophe” and someone whose leadership at BBC “insulted” audiences. 

    “The audience is being told it's too stupid to grasp anything "cultural" or "elitist." Bollocks is the answer to that…The BBC has a worldwide reputation which it has abrogated and that's shameful. In the end, the buck stops with Mark Thompson. He is a catastrophe,” stated Palmer at the time as reported in The Guardian. 

    In October 2009, right-wing British National leader Nick Griffin was invited to appear on BBC’s Question Time. It was challenged at the time because Griffin was a far-right wing controversial politician. 

    Thompson issued this statement at that time to justify BBC's Griffin interview.  

    “The case against inviting the BNP to appear on Question Time is a case for censorship... Democratic societies sometimes do decide that some parties and organisations are beyond the pale. As a result, they proscribe them and/or ban them from the airwaves. My point is simply that the drastic steps of proscription and censorship can only be taken by government and parliament... It is unreasonable and inconsistent to take the position that a party like the BNP is acceptable enough for the public to vote for, but not acceptable enough to appear on democratic platforms like Question Time. If there is a case for censorship, it should be debated and decided in parliament. Political censorship cannot be outsourced to the BBC or anyone else.” reported in The Guardian.

    So, why 15 years later after the BBC Griffin feud is CNN's Thompson decision to capitulate to the whims of the political campaigns to keep Kennedy off the debate stage?

    CNN has studiously abdicated its journalistic responsibility for the last four years for not reporting the full spectrum about the covid-19 origin, Gain of Function science dangerscovid-19 vaccination injuries and what the intended landscape is by the Biden administration for a seasonal mandated coronavirus in the future as admitted by its own White House Office of Science & Technology. 

    It also makes no sense when both the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute with close ties to both national political parties promulgate democracy and debates overseas in other countries. Both groups have former and current politicians, former national party chairs, and founders of the Presidential Debate Commission - Frank Fahrenkopf and Paul Kirk - on their boards. 

    Everyone in the news industry knows the Democratic National Committee has hired some political operatives to specifically derail and discredit RFK, Jr. Even CNN has reported such over the past weekend although that has been reported well before that in March in other publications.

    The democrats have hired and financed legal organizations and have promoted prosecutors and intelligence officials to weaponize the debates back in 2020. They weaponized the courts to harm both Trump and Kennedy. That drama has bled money from their campaign coffers. The democratic machine has twisted these sagas into civil suits and criminal prosecutions for political gain. 

    The Biden administration has gone even further though by denying the only presidential candidate of any party Secret Service Protection in 56 years since Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s late father was assassinated during his bid for the 1968 democratic nominee. That decision is vile and immoral.

    Nevertheless, CNN's decision to exclude RFK, Jr. from CNN's stage makes no sense why the network would concoct a debate criteria using the words like “presumptive nominee” as correctly reported by Island News KITV.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta just interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci days ago - about a week out from the debate. The interview is very sympathetic to Dr. Anthony Fauci's feelings, but not about his lack of responsibility to officially recognize that the FDA, NIH, NIAID and CDC have intentionally refused to recognize the vascular and neurological injuries officially because they do not want to create any vaccination hesitancy. That is a national disgrace. The Covid-19 vaccination injured wrote to these agencies and the Biden White House in May 2021. 

    Joe Rogan even called out Dr. Sanjay Gupta during an interview for not correcting CNN's reporting it attempted to falsely characterize Americans using ivermectin as using "horse dewormer." Yes, it is used on horses, but ivermectin has been recognized for a difference use for decades before to prevent river blindness across Africa.

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    I even considered Jake Tapper’s public feud with RFK, Jr. That was over a vaccination story years ago when Tapper was at ABC News. It crossed my mind as a possible reason because Tapper is one of CNN's debate hosts on Thursday night with Dana Bash. 

    I ruled out Tapper as the primary excuse to keep RFK, Jr. off the stage. I have worked for network political units at the top of the game inside ABC News. Tapper does not have the juice to keep RFK, Jr. off the network. Off his show? Sure, as an anchor, but not off a network's presidential debate stage, but if he did, he certainly should not be asking any questions. 

    Initially, CNN was not going to allow news organizations to carry its debate feed. That changed a few days ago, but with restrictions, according to Variety

    So that brings up another possible reason for CNN's decision. 

    Could the exclusion of RFK, Jr. from the CNN presidential debate stage be based upon money as in commercial advertising during the debate?

    Will audiences witness PHARMA ads on Thursday night? 

    Will audience witness ads by United Airlines, or any other corporations that mandated covid-19 vaccinations?  When United granted medical and religious exemptions to their employees in the fall of 2021 after Scott Kirby, UALs CEO mandated the Covid-19 vaccinations, United placed those employees on "indefinite unpaid leave," which was defined by no paychecks, denying those employees access to their medical insurance during a global pandemic, denied them their life insurance and denied them access to their own 401K accounts - even for financial hardship. 

    One of United's board members during the Covid-19 era period was none other than Walter Isaacson, the former President of CNN. He still is on the board per United Airlines' website. 

    CDM has reported on these United employees' experiences for over two years. 

    Are the news organizations carrying CNN's debate feed also in violation of the Federal Election Commission regulations as the RFK, Jr. camp has alleged in its FEC complaint.

    There is a plethora of evidence that Americans are thirsty for new voices in the 2024 presidential race. 

    Reuters reported in January 2024 that nearly 70% of Americans did not want to see a 2020 rematch because they have lost trust in the national parties. 

    The percentage of independents in the U.S. in January 2024 is the largest voting block in America with a high of 43%, reported Gallup

    America has a population of some 330 plus million citizens. Of those Americans, almost 90 million of them are eligible voters today and born after 1990. That population is clueless to the pre-internet world and obviously, not familiar with the history of presidential debates. 

    Seemingly, having Kennedy on the stage would expand coverage to a network audience where network and cable ratings have been plummeted. 

    The Kennedy campaign has just released an updated version of its ballot access and noting a Zogby poll.

    "The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is officially on the ballot in eight states — CaliforniaDelawareHawaiiMichiganMinnesotaOklahomaSouth Carolina, and Utah

    The campaign has submitted its signatures in 11 states — AlaskaNebraskaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaTennesseeTexasWashington, and now Illinois.

    It has collected enough signatures for ballot access in six states — FloridaIdahoIowaMississippiNew Hampshire, and Nevada

    The Kennedy-Shanahan campaign has collected the signatures needed for ballot access in 25 states, totaling 348 electoral votes, 65% of the 538 total electoral votes nationwide. 

    On May 1, the Kennedy campaign released results from a Zogby poll showing Kennedy beats both Presidents Biden and Trump in head-to-head matchups. Trump defeats Biden handily. Kennedy beats President Trump in a two-way race, by a tight margin. In a two-way race between Kennedy and President Biden, Kennedy wins in a landslide. Kennedy is the first independent ever to defeat both major party candidates in head-to-head matchups."

    CNN's decision to exclude RFK, Jr. is bad for journalism, horrendous for the First Amendment, and terrifying for the republic, the U.S. Constitution, democracy, and America. 

    Not having RFK, Jr. on the stage denies voters' information, choices and their voices. 

    Dr. Phil recently taped Donald Trump and received a whopping five million plus views on the last count. He is willing to interview both RFK, Jr. and Joe Biden. 

    CNN's decision to exclude  Kennedy is intentional and mired in intellectual and historical dishonesty. The network has admitted its commitment to censorship and dictating what they want to the public instead of serving the public.  

    This decision is a concocted excuse wrapped up in concocted criteria to serve CNN's means to achieve its goal. 


    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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