The CCP’s AfD Man In Brussels

December 13, 2022
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A recent phenomenon that has manifested itself in populist political circles is the sudden appearance of a "friend" inside a closed group who proclaims allegiance to the patriotic mandate, but then acts otherwise, nefariously in many cases and usually with questionable non-transparent motives. Those motives are called into even more question when those actions and rhetoric fly in the face of such “friend’s” party’s platform.

Though many rogue state actors across the globe place these friendly allies in the halls of Western power- Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey to name but a few- consistently the most pernicious and proactive player in this practice is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)- a transatlantic and global criminal syndicate, grossly subjugating their people, if there ever was one. It is no secret that the CCP has deeply infiltrated the two largest global power players of the West: the USA and the EU. One needs look no further than the infamous cases of Eric Swalwell and Diane Feinstein to see this in America.

In Europe as well there are numerous nodes of CCP apologia being practiced. Frequently this occurs among historical “fellow traveler” cohorts such as the communist sympathizing “useful idiots” of the left. But in Europe now this phenomenon seems to be making an appearance on the right as well. The case of an MEP from Germany’s AfD party, Maximillan Krah, is an instructive and cautionary tale.

Krah was a member, and even Vice-Chair, of the unofficial caucus the “EU-China Friendship Group.” That is, until this conclave was voluntarily suspended by its head and has since that moment been seemingly permanently disbanded due to its horrific exposure by Politico. European Parliament officials “expressed concerns it was too close to the Chinese government’s foreign affairs apparatus” so the attention got too hot to handle for some of its members.

For erstwhile Vice-Chair Krah though, this was not a dissuasive moment of reckoning as readers will see- this gave him no pause whatsoever. Krah’s history of being a mouthpiece for Beijing’s talking points goes as far back as his political career and the ability he picked up in making public statements that might be seen and heard by constituents in Europe and even political watchers in the USA.

“It is always positive news when politicians talk with each other instead of talking about each other. China is the EU´s largest trade partner, it should be the most common thing to have contacts. That we see such a talk as something special shows that we are in an unnormal situation. I hope that this talk is a first step to find back to normality in our relations with China,” Krah said when asked by CCP-mouthpiece Global Times about continuing dialogue with Beijing. This outlet is well known to be a distributor of the CCP’s talking points that they desire fed into the West to serve their geopolitical propaganda agenda.

When asked about criticism of China over human rights abuses (like having 2mm Uighers in concentration camps, forced organ harvesting and sterilization, etc) Krah said, “But as everyone believes in the core concept of human rights, it is difficult to criticize it. Right now, this new way of interpreting human rights is the last and ultimate weapon the West has to maintain its global power.”

Regarding Chinese aggressive behavior around the world, Krah declared, “In the US, both parties are now obsessed with China. They may have different opinions in all political matters, but they agree in their hostility towards China. Fortunately, the situation in Europe is better.

And on the movement to stand up to China’s malicious debt diplomacy, “Right now, the advocates of pragmatic relations with China are remarkably silent, maybe because they know the Chancellor is on their side. But this is a dangerous strategy because it lets the anti-China Cold War-warriors dominate the public debate. If we encourage more people who know the value of good relations with China to speak out loudly, it could change a lot, especially as polls show that more than 3/4 of the German people don't want to damage the trade relations with China, as I already mentioned. That said, I see growing problems in Germany, but I also think that it is worth fighting for a relation that is based on shared interests and respect for each other.”

And regarding Lithuania’s bold stance on freedom for Taiwan, he said, "Lithuania is a sad example. There might be one or two other smaller countries that follow. But at least for the big fishes, like Germany and France, I don't see it. The costs would be too high, the public would not applaud it, there is just a sense for reality, which is lacked in Lithuania, obviously.”

In this same Global Times interview, (again, a well known mouthpiece of the CCP), he was asked by his interlocutor to elaborate on his oft-reiterated point that: "We have double standards. We attack China. We don't attack Saudi Arabia, for instance. And we use it now when we see the competition between the US and China, we (didn't) use it three or five years ago." His response was indicative that there is no dictatorial regime he won't defend or equivocate for in running interference on their behalf (and perhaps at their behest even?): "We criticize Russia for the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny, a case for which I can give you good arguments in defense of Russia. But no one is talking about the arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk, who is an elected Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and officially persecuted for political reasons..." Good arguments in defense of Russia imprisoning political dissidents are not expressly made as they would no doubt fall flat. And ignoring Medvedchuk's history (and recent actions since the Russian invasion of Ukraine) as a brazen and overt "fifth column" is beyond disingenuous given his exceedingly close connections to Putin as "Putin's man in Ukraine" and one who has worked tirelessly to subvert Ukrainian democracy from ever taking hold and keeping the nation subjugated under Russian control despite the will of tens of millions of Ukrainians.

Perhaps the most galling statement to come from China’s Man in Brussels, was his remarks over the Chinese tyranny in Tibet, where he whitewashed Beijing’s crimes.

Maximilian Krah revealed that he went to Tibet in China as a tourist for the first time in 2002 and was very shocked by the local development. Krah said: “It is difficult for ordinary people to understand Tibet objectively outside of China. so it is important to go there to experience local development and achievements. For example, to protect Tibetan cultural heritage, the human rights of monks have been effectively protected by the state, new temples have been built, and at the same time the old temples were repaired. A large part of this comes from the support of Beijing and Shanghai, including the construction of new schools. The whole of China has participated in the construction of Tibet, which has enabled Tibet to enter the modern life of the new world while preserving its history and culture,” wrote The European Times. He even did a swooning sycophantic congratulatory video that is positively cringeworthy in its fallaciousness and spin.

Krah’s full video parliamentary statement on Tibet is described here.

In 2021, on the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, which was proclaimed October 1st, 1949, Krah did a congratulatory video for this momentous occasion. This was shared by the “Mission of China to the EU” Facebook page. This is tantamount to congratulating a dictatorship on their moment when they took control of a country and subjugated its people to communist autocracy. With the decades of atrocities that followed, including the infamous “One Child Policy” where the CCP mass murdered female infants in numbers too high to ever be accurately counted- this is akin to congratulating Hitler for a ribbon cutting on the first gas chamber. This kind of philosophical nihilism demonstrates a gross personality that could only be described by those of good faith as demonically evil.

Krah’s denials about the treatment of the Uighurs come frequently and overtly. When asked about the well documented human rights abuses and mass internments (re-education, forced sterilization and abortions, organ harvesting, mandatory disavowal of their religion, forced cultural sinicization, etc.) he has made official statements from his parliamentary roost. “In a parliamentary statement, Krah rated the well-documented massive human rights violations in Xianjang Province as an internal Chinese matter, in line with Chinese propaganda. When asked by Kontraste (ARD political magazine Contrasts) whether this also applies to the forced birth controls and abortions among the ethnic minorities there, the MP, who is known as a conservative Catholic, expressed his doubts about the reports. ‘We are currently experiencing a massive disinformation campaign regarding China. Numerous reports cannot be verified or turn out to be fake news.’

According to travel documents Krah has submitted to parliament, the cost of one of his seven-day trips to mainland China was covered by Huawei, China Petroleum (Sinopec), and various Chinese municipalities. It is well documented and exposed that these junkets, especially the programs run and funded by Chinese telecom giant Huawei are one of the CCP’s most efficacious tools in building out their global propaganda and influence purchasing network. Huawei is a company that claims to be a private sector technology company looking to build advanced networks in the West, but it is oft-demonstrated to be strategically aligned with the CCP and their geopolitical goals vis a vis their adversaries all over the West. Huawei has also been credibly accused of building backdoors into Western intelligence networks for espionage purposes and running an international spying front operation. In 2019, Poland booted the company out of the country after it caught one of its long time on-the-ground executives engaged in a deep embed spying operation.

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In 2020, Krah told FreeWestMedia in an interview titeld: “Why Should We Risk Our Relations with China?” that “China has become the bogeyman. There are different reasons for this; we talked about the US election campaign, which is one of them. As to the European left, they tend to idealize weakness. They champion developing countries as long as they’re weak and thus thankful and somehow submissive. They can’t accept strong, self-confident and successful nations.” He also referred to the Chinese system in glowing tone when asked why there was such dissonance between China and the West. He stated: “Moreover, there is a communication problem: China is a meritocratic system, the elite is chosen for their intellectual abilities, whilst the West is much more egalitarian and its elites are chosen for their ability to communicate….Chinese politicians thus try to convince by rational arguments and tend to underestimate the importance of pictures, narratives, and emotional messages. If a liberal politician wants to show his or her disapproval with China today, he will use the easiest way and express his love for Taiwan. I cannot take that seriously, although I understand that it annoys the Chinese people who hope and work for the reunification with Formosa.” His labeling of Taiwan as “Formosa,” its Portuguese colonial name that pre-existed its 1945 official name change is particularly offensive to the free people of Taiwan via his comments on reunification with mainland communist China as it augurs back to a history where Taiwan was not the independent nation it now is today. Of course, this is an independence that Krah advocates for abolishment of in his lobbying for a Chinese CCP re-exertion of control over the island nation.

In this interview in FreeWestMedia he is asked about the now defunct EU-China Friendship Group (since its aforementioned Jan 2021 suspension due to its unsavory connections) and if they maintain dialogue with any delegations or representatives of Taiwan and why they might not have made any overtures to engage in such dialogue: he states: “As I am the vice chairman of the China Friendship Group, I can’t tell you (why). Until now, no member of this Taiwan group has even contacted us. Maybe I should do that. If they share the belief in one China, there might be a basis to cooperate. If they don’t and only want to harm the EU-China relations, it will not make any sense.” (These points were reiterated with the German website Zeurst)

One does not have to ruminate all that deeply as to why a country under threat of invasion, usurpation, annexation, and takeover to be enslaved by a robustly evil dictatorship would not desire to engage in dialogue with the cheerleaders of those who advocate its loss of freedom and annihilation of its sovereignty. One does have to wonder though, how one who describes himself as a pious Catholic, as Krah does, can make such a lobbying campaign for an evil dictatorship guilty of such atrocities as communist China. (In future investigations we at will delve more deeply into what we have begun to discover are his motivations for such noxious behavior.)

Although Krah has focused his considerable sycophantic lobbying energies on China with his vociferous consistent and never-ending vainglorious stumping for the CCP vis a vis his favorite talking points such as the atrocious Uighur human rights abuses are a Western disinformation campaign, the supposed glories for Tibetans of life under CCP rule, the CCP meritocratic social framework, and Taiwanese loss of sovereign independence should reunification come to pass, there are other evil imperial hegemons on whose behalf he has advocated.

Recently, Krah has also begun casting shade on the well proven fact pattern of human rights abuses by the Qataris against their Asian subcontinental foreign guest workers that have physically constructed modern Doha and the infrastructure in place for this year’s current World Cup. He has suggested that the well proven indentured servant/slave labor they have utilized to build the gleaming stadium and other constructs, and the numerous deaths that have resulted, is also a Western fake news narrative. A simple Google search will allow any reasonable individual to make their own judgements on this issue. Warning though: videos of these peoples living conditions is not easy to watch if you have a soul.

In an AfD EU press dispatch email blast from November 21st, Krah said this about Qatar, the World Cup, and the accusations of large workplace deaths from the construction projects: “There are good reasons for or against hosting the World Cup in Qatar. Regardless, it is arrogant to criticize Qatar for not being willing to adopt western-woke social models. Hosting a football World Cup does not mean giving up one's own culture. Just as we don't want burqas to be worn in domestic stadiums, Qatar doesn't want rainbow propaganda on and off the soccer field. That has to be respected. Apparently, people in Brussels and Berlin have not yet understood this. The campaign being waged against Qatar is based to a large extent on fake news, such as declaring every foreigner who has died in Qatar since the World Cup was awarded as a 'World Cup death'. That is simply dubious.”

Veiling these death reports as a Western fake news narrative on behalf of the left’s antipathy toward Qatar over LGBT rights, which are certainly non-existent in the Islamic theocracy, is a fig leaf canard. One does not have anything do with another and the minimization of the numbers or that these deaths occurred at all is a gross head-fake misdirection and distortion. But given Krah’s public stances on China and the CCP and Russia, it is not really surprising.

To make this example even more interesting and timely, as we are going to press with this dispatch the Belgian government has just made a series of arrests and detentions, including Greek MEP Eva Kaili, in a wide ranging corruption probe led by their federal prosecutor's office around Qatari influence peddling and the bribing of EU elected officials and those connected to these officials. Ms. Kaili has made comments defending Qatar including during a speech at the European Parliament in November, accusing some MEPs of "bullying" Qatar in their criticisim of the Gulf state's atrocious labor practice record and history of nefarious activity. Sound familiar?

For Krah’s statements, actions, and behavior at odds with the European Parliament’s AfD delegation & the cross-nation multi-party “Identity & Democracy” political group’s legislative and philosophical party platform, the party grouping suspended Krah from the European Parliament on April 5th 2022 until September 2022. This was voted on by both the AfD delegation board and the ID Group board and the decisions by both bodies were unanimous. The German head of the AfD delegation, Dr. Nicolaus Fest stated: “The reason for the suspension was behavior that was grossly damaging to the faction in the form of repeated violation of duties of loyalty and loyalty to the faction, whereby Dr. Krah directly endangered the political success of our ID partners as well as the AfD's position in the ID parliamentary group.” The suspension entailed: “loss of membership in the specialist committees and delegations of the European Parliament, the loss of the right to speak and the financial means, as well as a ban on participation in group and delegation events.”

Ostensibly this suspension from his elected seat offered Krah an opportunity to reflect on his gross behavior at odds with his colleagues’ unified stances, but as we can see from the above citations, he has not taken it to heart. As will be discussed in future dispatches here at; this suspension did not stop Krah from traveling to Washington, D.C. during this time away from the European Parliament and misrepresenting himself as “the spokesman for transatlantic relations for the AfD party.” Given the loss of official “financial means,” the question remains as to how these trips were financed? What was said during these meetings? Were greater misrepresentations made that were overtly false that breached bad form and simply lying (as this correspondent has seen first-hand repeatedly) and rose to the level of fraud? Stay tuned to find out!

Matthew Tyrmand is an investigative journalist and political reporter who, owing to his family history and not being soulless, really hates communists and those who stump for communists.



Matt Tyrmand

Matthew Tyrmand is an investigative and editorial political journalist who splits time between the USA and Europe (given his Polish American roots). He has worked on corruption investigations, electoral analysis, forensic auditing the public sector and serves on the boards and in the management of several of the top American journalist and activist organizations. He is often seen across American and European media and is a frequent guest on Bannon’s WarRoom and Polish television (TVP World).
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    Ben Dover

    Out of context quotes, smears, and pro globalist and US security state talking points in the service of the phony globalist left that is destroying societies are exactly what I would expect of Tyrmand.

    Particularly the omission of this item:

    "Krah: Human rights is a crucial issue. Everyone in the world accepts human rights and agrees on its importance. But we see a development in interpretation of what these rights means, and we see that the US is using human rights as a political tool.

    Right now, the interpretation of what human rights are is mostly done by Western, left-liberal NGOs. You know the name of George Soros. By excessive interpretation they invent new rights that were not in the declaration and are not acceptable outside extremely liberal regions, such as gay marriage, abortion, or running foreign sponsored NGO. These NGOs are not politically neutral. They produce fake news, they follow a political agenda. They just belong to the deep state.

    But as everyone believes in the core concept of human rights, it is difficult to criticize it. Right now, this new way of interpreting human rights is the last and ultimate weapon the West has to maintain its global power. They just argue: Everyone has to follow us, because our understanding of human rights is the only acceptable, and thus we are morally right and everyone else is morally wrong. To overcome it, we need much more intellectual and ideological work especially from China."

    Not long ago MT was on Getter claiming anyone who highlighted the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi alliance with the US security state was a Russian troll.

    We see you for what you are, globohomo rat.

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