December 20, 2022
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PART TWO: The CCP’s AfD Man in Brussels Peddles Qatari Propaganda Like a Trained Professional

Image Qatari Mission to the EU, 11/29/22, Twitter

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In Part One of our investigation into German Afd MEP Maximilian Krah we highlighted his continual stumping for avowed adversaries of the Western world from his European Parliamentary platform, the Chinese Communist Party, Russia, Qatar, and others.

In this second chapter we will delve into the positioning of “Champagne Max” (as he is known in the political circles of Berlin and Brussels in which he “operates’) vis a vis the now well-known Western influence purchasing Qatari regime.

Just a week ago one of the biggest scandals to ever hit Brussels broke. Now known as “Qatargate” it shows that Qatar was actively trading cash in bags (literally piles of cash) for influential support with leading MEP’s and Brussels bureaucrats and even a parliamentary vice-president, Eva Kaili and her partner Francesco Giorgi (a former aide to another accused influential senior EU pol- Italian socialist Pier Antonio Pazeri- who is accused of acting as a conduit in setting up the cash flow into Europe via an NGO he runs).

This scandal has rocked European politics, which is notorious for its lack of transparency. Now it appears that the year long Belgian federal investigation into this cash-for-favors corruption scandal will ensnare many more MEP’s (recently it’s been suggested the investigation is looking into 60 or so additional MEP’s of this 700+ directly elected legislative body).

So let’s take a look at some of Max Krah’s greatest hits representing Qatari interests. (N.b. there is no direct proof as of yet that Max has participated in these crony games but his rhetoric of continual stumping for a well proven dishonest regime awash in human rights abuses is curious and demands further investigation especially given how at odds his talking points are with well-documented realities).

In Part One of this multi part series we showed his recent November European Parliamentary press release where he stated on the record for all citizens and journalists to cite him directly attributed. In this AfD EU press dispatch email blast from November 21st, Krah said this about Qatar, the World Cup, and the accusations of large workplace deaths from the construction projects: “There are good reasons for or against hosting the World Cup in Qatar. Regardless, it is arrogant to criticize Qatar for not being willing to adopt western-woke social models. Hosting a football World Cup does not mean giving up one’s own culture. Just as we don’t want burqas to be worn in domestic stadiums, Qatar doesn’t want rainbow propaganda on and off the soccer field. That has to be respected. Apparently, people in Brussels and Berlin have not yet understood this. The campaign being waged against Qatar is based to a large extent on fake news, such as declaring every foreigner who has died in Qatar since the World Cup was awarded as a ‘World Cup death’. That is simply dubious.”

The shade Krah has cast on the well proven fact pattern of human rights abuses by the Qataris against their Asian subcontinental foreign guest workers who have physically constructed modern Doha and the infrastructure in place for this year’s current World Cup is beyond disingenuous. There is no shortage of investigations publicized the last several years that have proven out these gross abuses that are anathema to anyone possessing a shred of humanity and basic respect for human dignity. He has suggested that the well proven indentured servant/slave labor they have utilized to build the gleaming stadium and other constructs, and the numerous deaths that have resulted, is also a Western fake news narrative. A simple Google search will allow any reasonable individual to make their own judgements on this issue- from sources across the right, left, and centrist spectrum.

Krah has also suggested that the numerous deaths reported, conservatively estimated at over 6,500 in multiple investigations, is false. And most shockingly, he recently spoke to an undercover journalist from the guerilla journalism organization Project Veritas (full disclosure: I serve on the board of directors of this highly impactful journalism organization) and made the claim that less than 20 people died from the labor conditions during Qatar’s World Cup construction project in Doha. He called any citation of greater number of deaths than 20: “bullshit.” And that most of these attributed deaths are run of the mill workplace injuries: “even a little ….which is on every construction (site)…” His source? The Qatari Ambassador to the EU. The gullibility and naivete one would have to possess to take the word of the regime’s spokesman on such an issue of their own human rights abuses is tough to reconcile. Especially coming from someone so well versed in world affairs as a well-traveled member of European Parliament. But given Krah’s extensive whitewashing of Chinese Communist Party human rights abuses (as demonstrated in Part One of this investigation this seems to be par for the course.

Judge for yourself from Krah’s own words, his rhetoric on Qatar, that regime’s human rights abuses, and his source for making such oft-debunked claims:

One can surmise that the Qatari Ambassador to the EU and NATO gave Krah this “official data” when they met on November 29th of this year. Here is the tweet from the Qatar Mission to the EU account:

For the last few months leading into the World Cup, MEP Krah has run a full “Qatar is right, the West is wrong” campaign. We have saved screenshots of these tweets should they disappear amidst the aforementioned expanded Belgian/EU Qatargate corruption scandal. These date from November 2022 to this month:

Recall, the process for which Qatar was selected to host the World Cup this year was bathed in scandals dating back over a decade. Initially alleged and since proven, corruption/bribery/fraud charges have been leveled against FIFA officials all the way to the top (see the infamous case of Sepp Blater) with the whole process now accepted as having been rigged. The white washing (now known colloquially as “sportswashing”) of Qatar’s human rights record, especially vis-à-vis the World Cup hosting bid and the construction of the host stadium in Doha and the ancillary structures around it is accepted by all observers of good faith to be yet another a black mark on FIFA's (the sport's global governing body) already less than sterling reputation. Those who deny these well proven allegations often turn out to be involved in some sort of influence peddling scheme such as these scandals around FIFA and the recent Belgian exposure of Qatargate. With these scandals now so well documented, one must wonder, should MEP Krah be again suspended from his duties as an MEP (as we disclosed in Part One regarding Krah’s multi-month Brussels/Strasbourg suspension), perhaps this time permanently, given his stances at odds with his party, his parliamentary group, his countrymen, fellow Europeans, and Westerners in both hemispheres….maybe FIFA is hiring?

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Matt Tyrmand

Matthew Tyrmand is an investigative and editorial political journalist who splits time between the USA and Europe (given his Polish American roots). He has worked on corruption investigations, electoral analysis, forensic auditing the public sector and serves on the boards and in the management of several of the top American journalist and activist organizations. He is often seen across American and European media and is a frequent guest on Bannon’s WarRoom and Polish television (TVP World).
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