December 22, 2022

Technical study by an international group of forensic analysts indicates strong divergences between new voting machines and old voting machines. A regional analysis.

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By Matthew Tyrmand & An International Consortium of Forensic Analysts (Who Wish To Remain Anonymous)

The recent Brazilian presidential elections are becoming an Interpol-level affair given massive criminality with much already proven and much more to be uncovered. What we know is already proven to be a world-class statistical scandal.

Every day that passes, new independent analysis appears that increasingly show the fragility of the corrupt system that has been installed in Brazil for counting votes and fabricating electoral results.

A group of forensic scientists made a new analysis of the electoral data of the second round, and showed new evidence of fraud, falsehood and artificial tampering of results. Technically the expression is "inconsistencies" or “anomalies” but when taken in totality- the only logical conclusion is outright fraud.

Considering all the recent facts, and that one of the judges of the Brazilian Electoral Court declared that "elections are not won, they are taken", what might be called "anomalies" starts to acquire a more explicit status- "manipulation.”


Not long ago, the leader of the Brazilian judicial militia- behaving as judicial dictators more than the ministerial judges that their constitutional role mandates, Alexandre de Moraes, ordered the inclusion of Brazilian journalist Allan dos Santos on Interpol's “red notice" list, for political reasons and without an official conviction, or even a formal charge.

Interpol refused to comply with the capture and extradition order (as is mandated by such designation) of this judge given this insane overreach. They saw what we observers of good faith also see: Allan dos Santos is a journalist and not a criminal.

From the look of Brazilian electoral data, and considering all the evidence of fraud and the falsification of results that has been uncovered in recent days, it is rather Moraes who should end up on international criminal capture list.

Trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague would be an appropriate venue if the Brazilian judiciary is still too infiltrated with those who abetted his crimes against the Brazilian constitution and citizenry.


In Brazilian public opinion Moraes already figures as "serial criminal" and "public enemy number one" to most citizens. Neither Moraes nor his Supreme Court colleagues can walk the streets or go to restaurants, whether in Brazil or in the United States, without being approached by Brazilians who question the lack of integrity and impartiality in the conduct of elections by the electoral court (TSE- the subsidiary court to the STF- the Brazilian Supreme Court...he heads both “deliberative” bodies).

On the day of the electoral certification (Monday December 12th, illegally pushed up one week by court fiat from the 19th in order to rush the process through), Moraes in the role of President of the Electoral Court, went to a celebration party for the candidate they had proclaimed winner, the ex-convict and ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (“Lula”) that they had freed after he had served only 580 days of a 12 year prison sentence for public corruption (known as “Operation Carwash”. He had been tried in three courts and convicted of 12 charges unanimously by three panels of judges totaling 19 jurists. Upon his release they annulled his case, vacated his sentences, and expunged his record (given Brazil’s law that no convicted felon can run for public office).

It would be like the NFL's refereeing team showing up at the Super Bowl winning team's party. A notorious display of conflict of interest, partiality and dishonesty.


In analyzing the data from the second round, the forensic scientists found serious discrepancies.

The data took as reference the voting of the candidates in the second round, considering the electoral zones, with the analysis of the second digit of the numerical series.

It is evident from the analysis of these two graphic groups that if the results were corrected within the parameter of the discrepancies found, the winner would be the candidate Jair Bolsonaro, current President of Brazil. This is because the anomalies found indicate an artificial decrease in Bolsonaro's votes against an artificial increase in Lula's votes. Considering that the final election result was a difference of less than 1.8% in favor of Lula, a minimal correction would be enough to reverse the results.

In the example of the Southeast region, Bolsonaro's votes are close to normal within the universe of new electronic voting machines. However, within the universe of old electronic voting machines (without adequate certification) Bolsonaro's votes suffer a high incidence of abnormality.

In 10 of the possible sets of votes, 6 present inconsistencies greater than 10%, that is, an anomaly greater than 60% of the universe of votes, which indicates the possibility that their votes were possibly emptied within this geographic base (Southeast).

In the example of the Northeast region, Lula's votes present anomalies in 7 of the 10 possible universes.

Considering the high level of anomalies in digits 7 and 8, this indicates a possible artificial alteration in the frequency of these digits. Digit 7, for example, has an anomaly rate of around 40%


The technique used in the audit is Benford's law, a method widely used in investigations and audits by the FBI, CIA and various international investigative agencies.

It is necessary to say that Benford's Law is not absolute, as it does not indicate the frauds themselves, but rather points out paths to be followed as investigation trails. After the Benford’s Law audit on digital data has indicated the avenues to be investigated, there should be a second stage of physical verification of evidence and documents. And here there is a serious problem, as the process led by Moraes and his cronies does not allow any document for physical verification. That is, in Brazilian elections it is impossible to carry out recounts.

We applied Benford’s Law to both the first and second round of this cycle’s presidential election and the anomalies that would indicate results are unlikely to be as they were presented in the initial post-election data- before the TSE took the data down two days after the second round and scrubbed it before putting “the data” back up- but not before it was downloaded by many forensic experts including Argentine expert Fernando Cerimedo.

The main logic of Benford's Law is the following: If a fraudster wants to avoid reaching the threshold number of 100,000 Dollars to evade inspections, he will try to disguise this number by making an entry of 99,000 Dollars. With this he will change the natural frequency of the numbers.

There is no reason to refute the application of Benford's Law to this data, as two identical data sets with the same patterns are being compared. If the data were generated naturally, the frequency patterns would be similar. But they aren't similar. On the contrary, the two datasets analyzed have strong discrepancies between them. Considering that they were generated on the same day and on the same geographic basis and at the same times, they should show similar behavior. But that's not what happens.

Bolsonaro's votes in the Southeast region show signs of being reduced. As for Lula's votes in the Northeast, there are indications that they have been increased.

If we consider a frequency path that starts from number 1 and goes to number 7, it can be seen that in Lula's votes this frequency increases, that is, there are more numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 than numbers 1, and number 7 is 40% above normal. This is a strong and clear indication that "high" numbers have been thrown in where there should have been "low" numbers. The norm within the frequency patterns of Benford's Law is exactly the opposite, the number that appears the most is the number 1, and then the other numbers have their frequency reduced.

In the case of Lula's vote in the Northeast, the opposite occurs, the frequency increases for the larger numbers. The frequency of numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 is higher than the frequency of number 1. And numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 are above the expected average, all of them.

In Bolsonaro's voting in the southeast region, the exact opposite occurs: Numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 were withered, that is, their frequency is reduced to below the expected average. All of them are below average. Within the same universe, one of the groups oscillates downwards, and the other oscillates upwards. With the same constancy.

This is nearly impossible from a forensic statistics point of view. Which makes this statistically questionable.


The lack of physical elements that allow an audit is a very serious inconsistency of the Brazilian electoral process. Especially considering that Electoral Court (TSE) judges interfered directly to block the attempt to formulate a law creating a duplicate paper ballot of the vote receipts to ensure an audit-ability. Judge Barroso, a member of the Brazilian judicial mafia, declares in his lectures that he personally went to the National Congress to prevent this statute from being approved.

It was not uncommon the last two years to hear Bolsonaro supporters, gathered en masse at rallies, chanting: “give us paper ballots, give us auditable ballots.” They knew what was primed to happen. They also remember Bolsonaro, when he was a legislator in the lower house, known as a deputy in the Chamber of Deputies (like a member of the House of Representatives in the USA), spearheading legislation to put printers at the polling precincts so as to have this paper ballot back up. This legislation passed the lower house and was vetoed by then-president Dilma Rousseff (who took over when Lula was booted from office and charged with public corruption crimes, she was later impeached and convicted in the same public corruption scandal- the aforementioned “Operation Carwash”). She cited fiscal costs as to what compelled her to exercise this veto. As if socialists are ever dissuaded from public spending due to pedestrian concerns such as expense incurred by taxpayers. Let alone the de minimis costs of printers. When it was sent back to the Congress the veto was overrode by a super-majority of members (a rare occurrence in the fractured and fractious Brazilian legislature). Upon the veto override, the judiciary stepped in and extinguished the law on supposedly constitutional grounds. They cited “privacy concerns.” The fix was in.

Ensuring no back up paper ballots and a lack of physical votes and the impossibility of recounts is intentional, and is part of the dirty project of the judicial dictatorship by this judicial cohort- with the majority of their ranks being populated by Lula, Dilma, and her successor, Temer’s judicial appointees.

It is also important to note that according to the Brazilian constitution, the military has a right and responsibility to audit the election if irregularity is alleged (which it has been since the conclusions of both the first round and second round). To that end the military has demanded to review the machines (known as “urns”), the source code, and the tabulation data. They have been summarily ignored by the Electoral Court. In the 65-page military audit report submitted to the court and to the public, they stated there are anomalies but we cannot prove anything as of yet as we have been blocked out by the illegal obfuscation of the court that oversees this process. Dutifully the global mainstream media has reported this as them having concluded “there is no fraud.” Needless to say the reporting media has failed to mention the illegal and unconstitutional obfuscation engaged in by this lawless court.

When the leader of the Liberal Party (PL in Brazil, and Bolsonaro’s party), Valdemar Costa Neto demonstrated irregularities in the machine tabulations and inconsistencies, relating to the different machine production provenances we have discussed here as well, Moraes fined the party 22mm Brazilian Reais ($4-5mm USD) and pronounced this elder statesman of Brazilian party politics would be put under criminal investigation in the infamous “fake news criminal inquiry” for what they term “assault on democratic institutions.” This is the same ongoing (and never-ending) criminal investigation used to censor and arrest journalists, elected legislators from the PL Party, and now protestors. It was also what was cited to justify the illegal detention and interrogation of this correspondent and my traveling party in September 2021. I wrote about this in detail in September of this year ahead of the first round of the election.


There is an academic discussion in technical-scientific environments about the validity of applying Benford's Law on electoral data. Professor Walter Mebane, renowned researcher at the University of Michigan, went deep into this issue and concluded that it is perfectly possible and feasible to apply Benford's Law - or the Law of Anomalous Numbers - on electoral data. He has already published many works on this subject, stating that yes, there can be such an application, and that his results are very consistent when applied to the second digit of the numerical series of votes. A simple Google search will return reams of academic statistical study on this subject.

In the Brazilian case, the Court of Accounts and Audits (TCU) states on its website that yes, it is possible to apply Benford’s Law on public works data, and cites as an example a work by Professor Mebane on electoral data from the elections in Iran. There is no doubt, therefore, about the usefulness of this technical instrument for data integrity analysis.

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In the case of the study carried out by our forensic scientist team we gleaned that the data was organized by electoral zones and grouped by regions, and later divided into 2 groups: new electronic voting machines and old electronic voting machines (within the same territorial base).

The result is that the index of inconsistencies in old electronic voting machines is much higher than in new electronic voting machines. Coincidentally, the official audit of one of the Brazilian political parties indicated that in the old electronic voting machines (prior to 2020) it was impossible to certify the veracity of the data, as they do not have digital certification within international compliance standards. By an incredible coincidence, the candidate Lula only won in these polls. But in the new electronic voting machines (2020 onwards), which have full and rigorous certification, the winner was the incumbent president of Brazil, President Bolsonaro.

The simple fact that these scientists cannot show their faces, and cannot publish their data under direct threat of arrest and heavy fines, is already a violent attack against the democratic process, as Judge Alexandre de Moraes conducts an interminable inquiry for more than two years, during which he has been handing out prison sentences and fines without due process and sans constitutionally mandated trials having been completed, without people presenting their evidence, and many times those accused don't even know what are the actual accusations against them. Moraes recently ordered the arrest of a journalist who was beaten and as a result has suffered lower limb paralysis (Oswaldo Eustaqio). To crown this escalation of judicial chicanery and crimes against Brazilian constitutional democracy, last week Moraes ordered the arrest of an indigenous tribal leader of the Xavante tribe as well as a leading protestor and pastor, Fabiano Olivera, on the alleged charges of criticizing the electoral court and questioning the digital election results.

Screenshot Youtube

Brazil no longer lives under the Rule of Law, and its democracy has been destroyed by judicial gangsters who have taken over the Brazilian Supreme Court, eviscerated the constitution and eradicated due process, fixed the election, and obfuscated the process of proving the election fix. This leaves the only constitutional remedy- Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution which is tantamount to martial law. If it is not invoked post haste, the electoral court taken physically to force constitutional compliance with the military audit, the machines procured and source code/tabulation data examined, the judges of these two courts (TSE and STF) arrested for their overt in plain sight numerous crimes, and elections fairly held or audited results presented to meet the expectation and approval of the citizenry, then we are afraid to say….Brazil will become Venezuela exceedingly quickly. Which is Lula’s expressed goal since he co-founded the incubator for Latin American Marxists, the Sao Paulo Forum, in 1990 with….drum roll please….Fidel Castro.


See here the graphs with samples taken from the Northeast Region (Lula vote) and the Southeast Region (Bolsonaro vote), comparing new and old electronic voting machines:



Matt Tyrmand

Matthew Tyrmand is an investigative and editorial political journalist who splits time between the USA and Europe (given his Polish American roots). He has worked on corruption investigations, electoral analysis, forensic auditing the public sector and serves on the boards and in the management of several of the top American journalist and activist organizations. He is often seen across American and European media and is a frequent guest on Bannon’s WarRoom and Polish television (TVP World).
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    1. Justice Barroso pointed the strategy of both electoral and constitucional courts in Brazil to limit power of the president elected, and limit freedom of expression, also how they are using criminal law and inquiries to fight against the president elected Jair Messias Bolsonaro and his supporters, even in some cases using temporary prison. Here is the full speech in english at the University of Texas USA, on the 19th of Feb 2022:
      - you can set on youtube to view the automatic transcription, and after that, the automatic translation for more than 90 languages.

      1. Uma investigação correta e ampla. Conta exatamente o momento que estamos vivendo. Parabéns Matt pelo trabalho e carinho com o Brasil e o povo brasileiro. Tomara seu trabalho seja de alguma forma nos ajudado a termos o Brasil que queremos: com liberdade, sem censuras e segurança.

      2. Prenda-me, por exercer o meu direito constitucional de me manifestar contra a ditadura esquerdista. Prenda-me por me expressar que existem fortes indícios de fraude nas eleições presidenciais. Prenda-me por ser um cidadão considerado de alta periculosidade, por usar a palavra contra aqueles que ferem os meus princípios morais de cidadania,.estes previstos na Constituição Brasileira. Prendam- me se forem capaz.

    2. When Bolsonaro was elected after being stabbed, I did apply Benford Law analysis to 2018 data, and found clear evidence of tampering. I believe PT criminal efforts got short of winning because they underestimated the support Bolsonaro would have, and for this reason, on this run for presidential seat, they overshoot on data distortion.

      1. Exactly! Since the election of Dilma x Aecio, the graph behaves in the same way. But in 2018 they underestimated Bolsonaro and not defrauded enough! Brazil was stolen many times!

    3. Excelente apontamento Mat....a luta é global..queremos nossos direitos de liberdade previstos e constitucionais e que os responsáveis sejam julgados sob crime de lesa pátria....

    4. Nós brasileiros estamos pedindo socorro ao mundo se for preciso, estamos sendo calados, perseguidos, chamados de anti-democráticos, baderneiros, aqui todos que votaram no Bolsonaro, não podemos questionar as urnas e nem transparência das eleições,. Enquanto os ministros do STF estiveram nos Estados Unidos para dar palestras sobre democracia, vivemos sob a ditadura dos ministros que querem nos calar com prisões arbitrárias. Sequestraram o cacique índio Serere sendo que ele estava em um carro com a família indo para o acampamento em Brasilia, a capital do país, entre tantos outros presos como o caso do pastor. O ministro Alexandre tem um monte de capangas, ele já foi advogado do PCC facção criminosa no Brasil e trata cidadãos brasileiros como criminosos, tudo isso para não mostrar a verdadeiro resultados das urnas malditas que eles roubaram nossos votos, minha impressão digital não funcionou na máquina e quem pôs a digital para liberar a urna foi a própria mesária, nos turnos inclusive. me sinto lesada, e não brasileiros não somos idiotas, o ministro Barroso foi filmado nos E.U.A dizendo para um brasileiro que o abordou, perguntando como ficaria a situação dos brasileiros de que maneira seria resolvido e ele falou :¨PERDEU MANȨessa expressão que o ministro Barroso usou é uma expressão no Brasil usada pelo bandido quando nós somos assaltados e nos leva nossos pertences. Sim é assim que cada brasileiro hoje se sente, roubado, assaltado pelas malditas urnas e eelições fraudulentas. Não queremos um condenado , corrupto, que não cumpriu a pena dele na cadeia a frente da nossa Nação, agora quer governar o nosso país com um monte de ministros com que já foram envolvidos em corrupção e outras coisas mais. Bolsonaro é nosso Presidente e contra ele não tem nada que que desabone sua conduta, os ministros do STF estão todos corrompidos. A Nação brasileira nesse momento não aguenta mais e pede socorro, SOS FFAA e que Bolsonaro continue no poder. Que as forças Armadas ajudem Bolsonaro a seguir no comando do Brasil. E prendam esse ministros corruptos, ladrões de votos, corremos risco de morte com essa suprema corte que não faz justiça e nem ignora nossa Constituição. Socorroooooo!!!!!

    5. TSE mostre o código fonte para as forças armadas. O povo quer saber se o Partido Liberal e o Ministério da Defesa disseram a verdade. Essa dúvida em relação a fraude ou inconsistência das urnas não pode existir na memória de uma nação. Não tem como aceitar um governo, se existe a possibilidade dele não ter sido a escolha do povo. TSE o povo brasileiro quer saber a verdade! Deus toque o coração dos homens, antes que o povo que estão nas ruas sejam massacrados.

    6. Excellent article. This is what we call "The Ugly Truth. This is how most Brazilians came to realize what happens in the "elections" this is the only reason many corrupted politicians continues to be reelected. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.


    7. The election here in Brazil was a fraud sponsored by the supreme court and the leftist parties. The world needs to get to know that.

    8. Matt Tyrmand, PARABÉNS!!! Obrigada por essa reportagem tão esclarecedora! O BRASIL PEDE SOCORRO!!! Assim como os juízes se renderam a corrupção, a grande mídia do Brasil também. Desinformam a população chamando de “ Anti-democraticos” quem protesta os resultados das eleições fraudadas pacíficamente. O Presidente Bolsonaro é um homem digno! Ele respeita a Constituição e juntamente com sua Equipe, elevou o país economicamente falando. Ele é um patriota leal ao seu povo que em imensa maioria o apoia. Enfrentou pandemia, os efeitos da guerra da Ucrânia, a difamação desleal da mídia tradicional e perseguição política desonesta, apoiado pelos juízes da Suprema Corte.

    9. Brazilian media is already treating 142 as inconstitucional, it doesn't matter if 142 is literally an amendment from the Federal Constitution.
      "The Armed Forces, constituted by the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, are permanent and regular national institutions, organized on the basis of hierarchy and discipline, under the supreme authority of the President of the Republic, and are intended for the defense of the Homeland, the guarantee of constitutional powers and, on the initiative of any of these, law and order."

    10. The brazilian supreme court and electoral court (which is directed by the same components) is made up of political appointees, it seems like a joke but it is not, because to compose the highest court of the brazilian nation, it is enough to be a friend of the current president, in which case you don't even need to be a judge, just be nominated by the communist president of the time. everyone can imagine what would happen to Brazil after a few years with a whole "supreme court" of Marxist militants" appointed by communist presidents, Brazil became a communist judiciary dictatorship, where all important political decisions in the country are decided by the "supreme cout", bypassing the congress most of the time , congress that has increasingly cowed and sold itself to the supreme dictators, many congressmen simply remain silent because they are blackmailed and threatened by those who now want to decide the future of an entire nation of 210 milion of civilians based on the stroke of a pen and without just one popular vote, and after many years with the popular vote being deposited in a manipulable ballot box, anything can happen, until a convicted criminal in several instances is placed as president by the magic voting machines and an aligned and friendly supreme court... this is the truth. Believe.

    11. Fomos roubados ! Lula e os juízes da suprema corte estão corrompidos , são criminosos e quando o Bolsonaro invocar o Artigo 142 irão acusá-lo de golpe e tentar prendê-lo! Nós ajude espalhando essa verdade ao mundo 🇧🇷😣🙏🏽

    12. Congratulations! What an article! Shows the complete story we’re seeing here!
      It’s a shame! Once more thanks! We need help and the world needs to see it! Lula and Moraes et caterva are Dangerous people! For Brazil, Latin America … and the World!

      1. SOS FORÇAS ARMADAS intervenção federal 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🙏🙏🙏🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    13. Gentlemen, there is no coincidence. 1° The Supreme Court cancels the convictions of Luis Inácio Lula THIEF da Silva, 2° The same Supreme Court allows him to run for election. 3° The Electoral Court, made up of the same judges as the Supreme Court, controls elections in Brazil. 4° The judges of these two courts (STF and STE) prevented the installation of a system that would give credibility and transparency to the electoral process. The result is what we are seeing. The Brazilian people do not and will not accept this election. We could enter a civil war, we will be ready for it. SOS ARMED FORCES help Brazil.

      1. I find this a credible history and a further explanation why the courts supported Moraes decisions and didn't accept the military's recommendation of a commission to 'fine tooth comb' the election machines and results. Do you have a reference for no. 4, the courts blocking the installation of a new electronic voting system? Also, why didn't Bolsanaro make it happen during his Presidency? Surely, he knew of the frauds, and, one would presume, if he is of non-nefarious intent, would want the opportunity for far-left tampering stopped?

    14. Um resumo perfeito do que estamos vivendo, um caos, um ditador que muda a constituição e uma quadrilha muito bem paga pelo maior ladrão do mundo que se cala. O povo clama por justiça e ajuda as FA, mas está apelando por milagre! #SOSBRASIL

    15. We only want our freedom to not be taken from us!
      If you People in the US can share this to everyone you can, cause' our media here in Brazil will never show this or give it attention!
      This has been goin' on a long time, and our right to vote was taken from us, stolen from us! - whatever the Brazillian media says, don't believe it, they have been working to destroy Bolsonaro ever since he was elected in 2018! - they treat families that are protesting here in Brazil as "anti-democrats" and approve everything that Minister Alexandre de Moraes does!
      We need Help, and only the 142 amendment of our Federal Constitution can save our Democracy from becoming a Dictatorship!

    16. Please SOS Brazil! Interpol, Aya Court, or any other organization that could help the fraud in Brazil Ellections. Our country will become a Comunist country, leading by a corrupt president and their ministers. Please, somebody help Brazil!

    17. Thank you very much Mr. Tyrmand, Brazilians are being robbed by criminals. The Brazilian media as well as the artistic class is fed by these criminals and they are not publicizing these crimes, on the contrary they are hiding them. We need international exposure, continue to publicize what is happening in Brazil. I apologize for the English, I used the google translator.

    18. Nossa Imprensa conhecida como Consórcio de Imprensa que sempre mamou nas tetas e Rede Globo de televisão, recibia propinas em dólar. William Bonner e outras jornalistas recebiam maletas de dólar na portaria da Globo. Isso o nosso presidente Bolsonaro cortou tudo aí eles resolveram atacar o presidente 24hs por dia. Nosso judiciário está corrompido com facções criminosas até de outros países. O que eles querem é o que esta no solo da Amazônia e não em interesse preservar a mata. O Lula faz parte do Fórum de São Paulo, (Grupo de Puebla) investiguem isso! Todos companheiros do Lula são investigados, ou seja todos fazem parte dos grupos de corruptos, a presidente do PT é Gleice Hoffmann é acusada de desviar dinheiro dos aposentados. É UMA QUADRILHA QUE QUER INSTALAR NO BRASIL! Nossa Suprema Corte rasgou nossa Constituição, qdo seria Eles os guardiões, por isso peço as nossas FFAA salve o Brasil do Socialismo, precisamos de vocês agora ou um dia vocês vão estar chorando porque não salvaram o país. O ladrão não pôde subir a rampa, se for preciso volto a pegar num fuzil porque foi isso que fiz qdo servi a pátria!!

    19. Somos um povo ordeiro de maioria cristão, um povo q protesta pacificamente amamos a nossa patria e queremos fazer valer nosso direito ao voto sem fraude, estamos sendo massacrados pela corte ( stf ) que investiga, julga e decide como se ja fossemos um pais comunista !!! Queremos o nosso presidente bolsonaro no poder ele foi o grande vencedor das eleições brasileiras, nos ajudem por favor!!!!

    20. Do you know why the Indian was arrested? Because he protested because of the votes for Bolsonaro that disappeared from the electronic voting machines that were in his village. The same happened in several villages. If Moraes wanted to end the protests, he would have handed over the source code and shown that the process was legal, but when he was questioned, he did not respond, he blamed Bolsonaro for wanting to disrupt the process and even fined the party. He says that the elections were clean but does not clarify the suspicions that surround the process. Brazil was stolen.

    21. Um plebiscito ao povo acompanhando o art 142 CF . Que seja votado a vontade do povo pedindo a intervenção das forças armadas garantindo a ordem e buscando a prova técnica da fraude eleitoral e com ela anulando os resultados para Presidente e Vice que foram eleitos de forma fraudulenta , assumindo em seguida o candidato ,atual Presidente do Brasil Jair Bolsonaro e colocando o Brasil novamente na ordem constitucional. Prendendo os responsáveis pela fraude, destituindo todos os Ministros do STF, pelos crimes cometidos que enganaram o povo brasileiro. Como também os políticos que participaram diretamente na fraude. Pois bem , em resumo curto, é isso que o povo quer e pra isso estamos dispostos a lutar incessantemente porque somos brasileiros do bem, da honra e assim tos vergonha de ver um ladrão condenado a 12 anos de prisão ser candidato e ser eleito de forma fraudulenta Presidente do Brasil, que a justiça seja feita com a graça de Deus nosso salvador.

    22. O q está parecendo é q o Brasil infelizmente está cheio de generais melancias q dormem com as músicas q a população canta em frente aos quartéis. Não fazem a sua obrigação de cumprir a constituição pq se o fizerem terão q arregaçar as mangas e voltar a trabalhar. Não querem perder os motoristas dos cartões oficiais e as regalias q todos tem com o dinheiro dos nossos impostos são todos raposas do mesmos galinheiro.q é o Brasil. Deplorável..

    23. Vocês devem conversas com os jornalistas brasileiros independentes das mídias traducionais, como: Guilherme Fiuza, Augusto Nunes, Paulo Figueiredo, Rodrigo Constantino, somente parar citar os mais críticos.

      1. A população Brasileira quer ter acesso ao código-fonte!!!!!
        Ajudem-nos 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    24. O Brasil está entregue nas mãos de bandidos que só querem saquear as riquezas do país,estão vendendo o país para comunistas,só pensam em seus bolsos e no poder,se julgam deuses com plenos poderes já não se preocupam mais em esconder a vergonha que se tornaram,mas vamos as ruas para o confronto se preciso for.

    25. Parabéns pela reportagem investigativa a respeito das eleições fraudadas no Brasil. Vivemos uma guerra contra uma milícia formada por diversos grupos que querem continuar a saquear o Brasil. Essa reportagem trás mais uma prova que fomos lesados por essa quadrilha formada pelo STF, TSE, Forum de São Paulo. Em conluio montaram toda essa barbárie
      para de qualquer jeito colocar um ladrão de volta ao poder. O povo de bem Brasileiro pede ajuda as FFAA brasileira e estendemos ao FBI, Interpol que nós ajudem a prender esses farsantes.


    27. O TSE brasileiro poderia acabar com a desconfiança apenas mostrando o código fonte. Não podemos aceitar que exista duvidas ao resultado das eleições, quem está pedindo é soberano no país o POVO. O Exercito já solicitou o código ao TSE, caso não seja entregue então entenderemos que o processo não é confiável. Queremos também que as próximas eleições para qualquer cargo seja auditável por voto impresso para que seja possível a recontagem caso seja necessário. O POVO BRASILEIRO É SOBERANO, nós pagamos os salários de todos que trabalham no governo, nós decidimos o que desejamos, a obrigação deles é atender a maioria.

    28. HELP BRAZIL we were stollen in ellection. STF arrest Minister, Indian, anyone who is against Comunism HELP BRAZIL

    29. Winning an election in a clean and democratic way is commendable, but accepting that a Thief wins a cambalacho election engineered by a minister designed by a bunch of corrupt people is unacceptable.

    30. My name is Olavo das Neves, I've been camped in front of the Brazilian Army Headquarters for 47 days. I traveled 2850 KM by car to be here. And I don't regret it! We are at risk of arrest for expressing our opinion, and receiving threats all the time. Even the Indian chief Tserere was arrested in a cowardly and surreal act. The supreme court of justice became partisan and acted in support of the left-wing party (PT). The result of the ballot box was a joke, and anyone who questions it is seen as subversive and criminal. We are not here defending candidate A, B or C, but the freedom and democracy of our country. We appeal to true defenders of freedom and democracy around the world not to let these dictators take power in our Brazil. We don't deserve this! We support the sovereign will of the Brazilian people, but we will never accept fraudulent results from fraudulent polls. SOS WORLD! SOS ARMED FORCES OF BRAZIL!


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